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Adds 20 rings to your possession.

— Description, Sonic and the Secret Rings[1]

The Rich Ring[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a variant of the 20 Rings.


A Rich Ring, from Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Rich Rings are essentially bigger, silver-colored Rings that have a five-pointed star motif in the middle of them, much like the Red Star Rings. In gameplay, Rich Rings can be found floating around in the various levels. When touching one, the Rich Ring will disappear and the player is instantly granted twenty Rings at once which are automatically added to the player's total Ring count. Rings granted by Rich Rings function like regular Rings, as the player is able to lose them after taking damage.

Game appearances

Sonic Storybook Series

Sonic and the Secret Rings

A Rich Ring, from Sonic and the Secret Rings.

The Rich Rings made their debut in Sonic and the Secret Rings. In this game, they only appear in the levels within the game's Adventure Mode.

Sonic and the Black Knight

In Sonic and the Black Knight, the Rich Rings made a return appearance. In this game, they appear in the certain missions such as Legacy Missions or Collect the Rings missions.



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