Quotation1 20 times greater than a normal pearl. Quotation2
Sonic and the Secret Rings manual

The Rich Pearl is a type of collectible items that appears Sonic and the Secret Rings. They are a more powerful variant of the Pearl and are used for charging the Soul Gauge.


The Rich Pearl is similar to the average Pearl, resembling white spherical objects with an orange aura, except they are larger and their aura is more visible, akin to an extra layer.


Rich Pearls appear throughout the missions of Sonic and the Secret Rings (though they are rarer than regular Pearls), where they either lie close to the ground or float in midair. Generally, they are arranged in large circular clusters, strings along pathways, or inside the holes in Rings on the paths.

The player can collect Rich Pearls by touching them. In turn, each Ring Pearl will charge the Soul Gauge with Soul up to twenty times greater than what a regular Pearl can provide. There are also Skills that, when equipped, allows the player to attract Rich Pearls over a greater range.


  • Like how the Rich Ring is the more valuable counterpart to the Ring, the Rich Pearl is the more valuable counterpart to the Pearl.

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