The Rhino Spring is a robot deployed by the military organization Guardian Units of Nations in Sonic Rush, and a part of the Rhino series. The Rhino Spring appears exclusively in Huge Crisis.


It resembles a Rhino Jet with a spring mounted on top. The Rhino Spring is a rectangular tank-like robot, mostly colored blue, black, and grey. It has black tank treads on both sides underneath, jet exhausts on either side of its head, and a "head" similar in appearance to a Mono Beetle that hangs out from the front.


It patrols a small area and will charge at the player if they are detected. The spring on top of the robot can be used to access higher paths and attack other robots in the vicinity, or to simply perform Trick Actions to earn some energy to fill up the Tension Gauge. The Rhino Spring takes three hits to defeat, unlike most other enemies.

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