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Cream performs a cheer that can revive a KO'd friend.

— Description, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[1]

Revive (リバイブ Ribaibu?) is a POW move used by Cream the Rabbit in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. When performing this move, Cream performs a cheer that revives a defeated ally.


When performing Revive, Cream walks up and faces the front of a knocked out teammate. Cream then performs a cheer for knocked out team member, which is meant to bring the teammate back on his/hers feet, by swinging her upper body to the left, then right, and finishes off by doing a twirl in mid-air. After finishing her cheer, light blue sparks will emit from Cream, and a light blue glow will briefly surround the knocked team member, who then gets back on his/her team.

In gameplay, when performing Revive, the player is able to select one knocked out (KO) character on his/hers team currently in battle and revive that character with a certain amount of regained Health Points, effectively allowing the character to re-enter the battle. If there are no knocked out characters on the player's team, however, Revive cannot be used. The higher the level of Revive is, the greater is the amount of Health Points that the playable character regains upon being revived.

Real-Time Interaction

When performing Revive in gameplay, the player has to complete a series of real-time events by performing certain actions on the Touch Screen, in order to execute Revive optimally. For these actions, the player has to touch the inside of twelve circles in succession when the outer circles overlap the inner circles. Missing or not touching these circles correctly will result in Cream failing to perform Revive.


Level PP Cost Damage Effect
I 5 No damage Revive 1 ally with 1 HP
II 5 No damage Revive 1 ally with 50% of total HP
III 5 No damage Revive 1 ally with 100% of total HP


  1. Official in-game description.

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