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Sonic Boom
Return to Beyond the Valley of the Cubots (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Return to Beyond the Valley of the Cubots".

[Scene: Tails' Lab, Day]

[Tails is working on an invention, and standing beside him is D-Fekt, a former Eggman robot.]
Tails: Shifting spanner. [D-Fekt grabs it using his telekinesis and gives it to Tails.] Why did Eggman ever get rid of you? You're the greatest helper I've ever had! [Hearts flow around D-Fekt's head, showing his affection.] Hand me that hammer. [D-Fekt telekinetically gives Tails the hammer, and Tails begins pounding. But the force from doing so causes one of the inventions on a shelf above him to shake and approach the shelf's edge. D-Fekt tries to warn Tails, but cannot verbally warn him.] What's the matter? Did Timmy fall down a well? [The device falls onto Tails' head and breaks.] Why didn't you catch it using your powers? [The hearts around D-Fekt break, showing guilt and regret.] Don't worry about it. I'll clean this up while you run into town and get me the parts for a new one. [D-Fekt salutes Tails.]

[Scene Change: Hedgehog Village, Day]

[D-Fekt arrives at Male Fennec's shop. He tries to tell him about the incident, but Male Fennec doesn't understand D-Fekt's nonverbal language, either.]
Male Fennec: What is it, boy? Did Timmy fall down a well? [D-Fekt continues making strange hand motions.] I see; if you want to use the restroom, you have to buy something.
Amy [offscreen] Hey, D-Fekt, what's up? [She walks onscreen with Sonic and Knuckles. D-Fekt tries to tell them as well, but none of them understand him.]
Knuckles: He's either looking for a loaf of bread or a penguin wearing a top hat. I'm leaning toward penguin. [D-Fekt continues his strange motions.]
Sonic: No, no; uh, it's a book. It's a movie! Oh, it's a--it's a movie based on a book! [D-Fekt jumps up and down in frustration.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Lab, Day]

[A bunch of parts are dropped behind Tails by Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles.]
Tails: What's all this? I just sent D-Fekt out to get parts for a new Trans-seismic Marco Accelerator.
Sonic: This would've been a whole lot easier if D-Fekt could just talk.
Tails: Maybe I could install a voice chip. I know I have one around here somewhere.
Amy: You had a voice chip the whole time? Why didn't you install it earlier?
Tails: Guess I needed an inciting incident.
[Later, Tails installs the voice chip into D-Fekt.]
Tails: That should do it; say something.
D-Fekt: What should I say? I want my first voice to be meaningful, and I... [depressed] I already blew it, didn't I?
Sonic: It's okay, you're new at this.
D-Fekt: Finally, I can express complex thoughts and emotions. For example, I hate being a lab assistant. I mean, uh, Tails is great, but I want to find my true purpose: something that will give my life meaning.

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