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Sonic Boom
Return to Beyond the Valley of the Cubots

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"Return to Beyond the Valley of the Cubots"[2] is the one hundred and second episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It aired on 4 October 2017 in France and on 4 November 2017 in the United States.


When Tails gives D-Fekt the ability to speak, the little robot joins with the Cubot rejects to take down their nemesis, Dr. Eggman.[3]



Races and species:





The episode starts off with Tails having D-Fekt serve as his lab assistant in his workshop. When Tails' hammering causes his Trans-seismic Marco Accelerator to fall down from its shelf and get broken though, Tails sends D-Fekt out to buy some spare parts from the Male Fennec in Hedgehog Village. However, because D-Fekt cannot speak, it makes it difficult for the Male Fennec to understand what he wants. Even when Sonic, Amy and Knuckles appear, they are unable to understand what D-Fekt wants, and instead end up buying a lot of junk for him. As such, Tails decides to give D-Fekt the ability to speak by installing a voice chip into him.

Once Tails is done, D-Fekt feels great about finally being able to speak. This allows him tell Team Sonic that he wants to do something that will give his life meaning, and not just be someone's lab assistant. He first tries out as a employee for the Ice Cream Vendor, but gets fired when he messes up several orders with his powers. D-Fekt then tries out as an instructor at Knuckles' gym, but ends up knocking down Tommy Thunder while trying to help Dave the Intern. D-Fekt then tries doing stand-up comedy at open mic night, but Dr. Eggman makes a jab at him, which causes everyone but Team Sonic to laugh at D-Fekt. Amy tries cheering D-Fekt up by pointing out how Eggman is mean to all his rejected robots. This makes D-Fekt curious about who the other rejects are. This makes Team Sonic show D-Fekt the Cubot prototypes. Upon arriving, D-Fekt notices Cutebot and instantly falls in love with her.

As it turns out, the Cubot prototypes are in need of a new protector now that FriendBot is living in Roboken. D-Fekt promptly stands up to fill out that position, and Team Sonic leaves D-Fekt to get acquainted with the Cubots. Learning that Cubots need protection because Eggman fears that they will rebel against him (in spite of the Cubots being severely outgunned), D-Fekt decides to help the Cubots by inspiring them to get revenge on Eggman. D-Fekt subsequently takes the Cubots to Eggman's lair. There, D-Fekt helps tear Eggman's forces apart, before forcing the defiant Eggman to summit.

The next day, Sonic and the gang decide to check up on D-Fekt, only to find the Cubots' valley empty. They promptly go to the Eggman's lair to get some answers, where they are surprised to see that D-Fekt has take over Eggman’s lair and has made Eggman his servant. Finding this kind of amusing, Team Sonic decides that Eggman deserves to get a taste of his own medicine. Sonic accidentally gives D-Fekt the wrong idea however, when he says that revenge is sweet. This makes D-Fekt go around and get revenge on everyone who he believes has wronged him. Eventually, D-Fekt and Team Sonic's paths cross when D-Fekt trashes Comedy Chimp’s stand-up act on open mic night. Sonic and pals feel guilty for misleading D-Fekt, and try to convince him that attacking people who are not hurting others is not right. D-Fekt gets furious however, and decides to keep attacking, forcing Team Sonic to fight back. Meanwhile, Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot manage to break free from their imprisonment in the lair. Plotting to battle D-Fekt, Eggman concludes he is going to need telekinetic abilities like D-Fekt's to stand a chance. Since D-Fekt gained these powers by accident, Eggman pulls out a D-Fekt prototype and takes the parts he needs from it.

Back in the Village Center, Team Sonic and D-Fekt are locked in a heated battle until Eggman arrives in MeBot while wearing a helmet that grants him and MeBot telekinetic powers. D-Fekt and Eggman promptly do battle, but are too evenly matched. Instead, Eggman grabs Cutebot from the by-standing Cubot prototypes, and threatens to harm her. However, Sonic distracts Eggman by saving Cutebot, allowing D-Fekt to tear MeBot apart and crush Eggman's telekinesis helmet. D-Fekt then sends Eggman flying, and thanks Sonic for saving Cutebot, which now makes them even. Before D-Fekt leaves with the Cubots however, he warns Sonic that he will fight anyone he considers a threat to him and the Cubots. The episode then ends with Knuckles being confused about over whether D-Fekt is now a good guy or bad guy.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Retour à la Vallée des Cubot Back to the Cubot Valley
Italian Ritorno dalla valle dei Cubot Return from the Cubot valley
Polish Powrót do doliny Cubotów Return to the Cubots valley
Portuguese (Brazil) De Volta ao Vale dos Cubots Back to the Valley of the Cubots
Portuguese (Portugal) O Regresso ao Vale dos Cubots The Return to the Valley of the Cubots
Spanish (Latin America) De vuelta al valle de los Cubots Back to the valley of the Cubots
Ukrainian Повернення по той бік Долини куботів Return on the other side of the Valley of Cubots
Russian Воссоединение Reunification


  • Due to a mix-up between the air dates for this episode and "Don't Make Me Angry", Bill Freiberger accidentally released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser on 12 October 2017. Freiberger later released the title card again nine days before the episode's airing on Boomerang.[4]
  • D-Fekt made his first appearance in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (which had been stated to take place sometime during the second season of the show[5]). D-Fekt's origin is never mentioned within the show itself.
    • This episode is written by the same writers who wrote the story for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to the episode "Beyond the Valley of the Cubots".
  • The invention Tails works on in the beginning of the episode uses the same model as Tails' small Build-it Box.
  • The recurring "Timmy fell down a well" catchphrase used early on in this episode is a popularized phrase in pop culture, inspired by the 1950s show Lassie.
  • The framed picture of a penguin that is among the trash Sonic and co. brought to Tails' Workshop is from the episode "Dude, Where's My Eggman?".
  • The voice chip Tails gives D-Fekt looks identical to Bolts' smart chip seen in "Eggman Family Vacation" and the symbiont chip from Sonic's Mech Suit that turned Sonic evil in "Mech Suits Me".
  • Tails breaks the fourth wall when mentioning how no motivating incident had occurred to make him give D-Fekt a voice chip. This is a technique usually employed in the episodes for Sonic Boom.


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