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This object exists primarily within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Kintobor shows an uninterested Sonic the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor. Image from Sonic the Comic #8. Art by Richard Elson.

The Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor, or ROCC, is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a machine built by Doctor Ovi Kintobor in order to rid Mobius of evil forever.


By using the Golden Rings of Mobius, the ROCC could channel the planet's evil energy into six Chaos Emeralds. However, without the seventh Chaos Emerald (the Grey Emerald), the ROCC was very unstable. Although Kintobor recruited Sonic the Hedgehog to help him find the last emerald, they were never able to.[1] (This is likely due to the fact that the Grey Emerald was, at the time, in the possession of Knuckles the Echidna on the Floating Island.[2])

One day, while searching for food, Kintobor found that the only thing left in his fridge was a rotten egg. Going to find salt, Kintobor tripped and slammed against the ROCC's control panel, which caused the machine to explode. The evil from the Chaos Emeralds somehow combined with the rotten egg, transforming Doctor Ovi Kintobor into Doctor Ivo Robotnik.[1]

The remains of the ROCC likely remained, disused and ignored, in Kintobor's lab, as other means of storing and containing the Chaos Emeralds became available.


  • The ROCC was created by Sega of America when they developed the Kintobor-based backstory for Sonic that ultimately went unused in American media, but was extensively featured in Sonic the Comic and other UK publications. During the development process, the ROCC was also known by the working names of The Amazing Transforming Machine and The Reverse Quantum BioFormulator.
  • In the alternate reality featured in Sonic the Comic #168, Sonic was caught in the ROCC explosion instead of Kintobor, resulting in the creation of the evil King Sonic.
  • The guidebook, Stay Sonic, had the ROCC explode not because of Kintobor tripping and colliding with it, but because Kintobor mis-keyed a command he was typing into the machine when he was distracted by the rotten egg.
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog promotional comic had yet another cause of the ROCC's explosion. In this comic, the explosion occurred when Kintobor spilled a bottle of soda over the ROCC's controls.


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