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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Restoration HQ,[2] formerly known as Resistance HQ,[3] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It was the secret base of operations for the Resistance, where its members plotted their schemes to oppose the Eggman Empire. It later served as the headquarters of the Restoration movement until a new and more efficient headquarters was established beneath the Emeraldville Ruins.


The original Restoration HQ, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

The original Restoration HQ was situated in an urban environment. This headquarter was a large red, brown and gray building that was at least three storeys high. It was mostly a worn out building with areas of chipped paint, worn down walls and broken windows. It also contained two additional floors and a ground floor which was gray and protected by a metal gate. Inside it was a large hall, as well as several corridors and smaller rooms. The main room seen in the original Restoration HQ was a rectangular room, of which one half of it was used for meetings between the Restoration's members and allies. In this room there was a massive display monitor that could monitor world events and the current operations carried out by the Restoration. There were also wooden crates all over the place, as well as cracks in the floor and cables lying around. Growing in the center of the HQ was also a five-petaled yellow flower.[3] There were also various boxes in the corridors. This HQ also included at least a medical ward, complete with sick beds and medical equipment.[2] This HQ also had a lab for Tails and a launch bay for their Rescue Shuttles.[4][5] In addition, this Restoration HQ also had several other computer rooms.

After the events of the Zombot apocalypse, the Restoration HQ was moved underground. In contrast to the original HQ, this one contains dwellings for residents and volunteers of the Restoration. The road to the new Restoration HQ's backdoor leads into Silver's garden house in a ruined city. Inside it, garden tools on the walls must be arranged in the correct configuration to activate the elevator leading into the new Restoration HQ.[6] Alternatively, the new Restoration HQ has an entrance in the form of a loading bay for land vehicles in an outdoor cliff side.[7] The new HQ itself contains a large main hall with a much more accommodating and neat environment. This includes indoor flora like bushes and palm trees, and businesses like grocers and outside shops. A giant clock also adorns the main hall's wall. Around the new HQ are also various underground rooms dedicated to various fields, including a machine shop and a surveillance room with a massive display monitor that can monitor world events and the current operations carried out by the Restoration.[7]


The Fate of Dr. Eggman

Sonic meeting with Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, from Sonic the Hedgehog #7.

After discovering that Neo Metal Sonic was the new head of the Eggman Empire and the ringleader behind the recent Badnik attacks, Sonic had a meeting with Tails, Knuckles and Amy in Resistance HQ. There, he informed his friends of how Neo Metal Sonic was working on conquering the world for Dr. Eggman using some kind of plan. In an effort to undermine Neo Metal Sonic's scheme, Sonic and co. decided on searching for any old plans that could tell them what Neo Metal Sonic was up to. Amy in particular put out a call to all Resistance members to gather additional help for the search.[3]

While continuing his work in Resistance HQ with Amy, Knuckles sensed the Master Emerald calling out to him. Immediately after, they were contacted by Sonic and Silver. Having discovered Neo Metal Sonic's plan, Sonic told Knuckles and Amy to call in everybody.[8]

Battle For Angel Island

The Resistance with their allies, from Sonic the Hedgehog #9.

Gathering their strongest allies, the Resistance brought them all to a meeting in Resistance HQ. There, they revealed that Neo Metal Sonic had taken over Angel Island and turned it into a flying fortress. To make matters worse, Neo had also taken control of the island's Master Emerald. With their goal being to liberate Angel Island, Amy came up with a strategy after some internal discussions: team three (Sonic and Knuckles) would confront Neo and secure the Master Emerald while team one (Blaze) and team two (everyone else) focused on breaking the Egg Fleet's control of the island. With that being settled, the group headed for Angel Island in a Resistance Battleship.[9]

After they managed to beat Metal Sonic, the team soon set off to return to Resistance HQ, though not before Knuckles decided to disband the Resistance.[10]


The Restoration HQ's medical ward, from Sonic the Hedgehog #14.

Following the Resistance's disbandment, Amy became part of the Restoration and rebranded Resistance HQ as Restoration HQ. Sonic brought an injured Silver to Resoration HQ to recuperate. There, Amy was informed of how Silver got hurt following his and Sonic's encounter with Dr. Starline, who was working with Dr. Eggman on something big. After seeing to Silver, Amy and Sonic tried figuring out their next move since they had no idea about what Eggman was up to. In an effort to locate Eggman, Amy noted that they could tap into his network from an unguarded Eggman base. With a new mission target, Sonic invited Amy to come along since its was her plan. Accepting the offer, Amy departed Restoration HQ with Sonic.[2]

Crisis City

The many refugees of Restoration HQ, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

Amy was later working in Restoration HQ when she received a call from Vector in Seaside City. It turned out that Zombots had invaded the city and the Chaotix needed backup. Amy thus dispatched a Rescue Shuttle for the survivors while also alerting everyone in the area in hopes that Sonic would come to help.[11] Some time later, Sonic arrived at Restoration HQ, where he was let in by Cream, who had been looking after the survivors of the cities that had fallen victim to the Metal Virus for some time. However, the space needed for the next civilians was running out. Sonic was later admitted entrance into Amy's office where he met Rouge and informed her that Shadow had fallen to the Metal Virus. Sonic later tried to talk to Amy, but she had to return to her duties and emergencies quickly. Afterward, in the corridor, Sonic met Espio and Vector, who were about to head out and find Charmy. After, Sonic went to Tails' lab, where Silver was waiting alongside the still-functional remains of Omega. Sonic, Tails and Silver then came up a plan of action to find a cure for the Metal Virus, but they needed computers more powerful than those in the Resistance HQ for this task. As such, Tails opted to go to his lab in Central City.[4]

The Last Minute and Big's Big Adventure

Amy fighting a horde of Zombots, from Sonic the Hedgehog #22.

Amy was called by Tails later when he was in Central City to research a cure for the Metal Virus. He told her that he will call for updates from Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf after she asked about sending Rescue Shuttles. Vector and Espio returned to Restoration HQ from a mission in Pine Grove Village after it had suffered a random Zombot outbreak. With several refugees, the pair also managed to find the Zombot Charmy on the way back and imprisoned him in a Containment Bubble. While the new refugees were being scanned, Gemerl's attention was turned to Big who tried to cut the line and enter the building without being scanned. The cat believed that Amy was actually throwing a big sleepover. Nonetheless, Gemerl denied Big access until he was scanned like everyone else. Unbeknownst to the robot, an uninfected citizen actually slipped into the building while he was distracted. As Big could not find Froggy, he left the premises.[12][5][13]

The choice to bring Charmy back to the HQ did not sit well with Gemerl, as Cream's safety was his priority, and he demanded that Charmy be thrown out. Cream helped quell the argument so that Espio could inform Gemerl of Vector's plan to keep Charmy with Omega in Tails' lab until Tails was able to find a cure for the virus. Shortly thereafter, one of the refugees from Pine Grove Village revealed that he had actually been infected and swiftly turned into a Zombot. This caused a panic among the refugees and the tumult caused Charmy to break out of his Containment Bubble. Amy called for an emergency evacuation after Espio sounded the alarm. However, only one pilot was able to make it out of the HQ uninfected. Gemerl helped get Omega out of Tails' lab to the launch bay and began to scan everyone who attempted to leave the HQ to make sure that they were not infected. The virus quickly spread among the refugees, including Vanilla, who had Amy get Cream to safety instead of saving her. Just before Vector attempted to close the gates to the HQ's launch bay, Charmy flew out, targeting the one Rescue Shuttle the Restoration planned to use. Vector lunged at Charmy and pinned him down, getting infected in the process. Knowing he was lost to the virus, Vector had Gemerl close the gates behind him as he kept the Zombots back so that everyone else could escape.[5]

Out of the Blue

Amy thanks Jewel and prepares to show her the ropes of the Restoration, from Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

Some time after the effects of the Metal Virus were reverted by Super Sonic and Super Silver, Amy returned to the ruined Restoration HQ, where she had to organize some documents. However, Jewel the Beetle soon showed up and offered to take over from Amy as the organizer. Amy agreed willingly and decided to show Jewel the ropes.[14]

Test Run!

The new Restoration HQ, from Sonic the Hedgehog #37.

Under Jewel's management, the Restoration HQ was moved to a new location underground in the Emeraldville Ruins, which the Restoration decided to keep as it was without rebuilding anything to remind people of what the inhabitants had lost.[6]

Eventually, Sonic and Tails took Belle to the new Restoration HQ to get her a place to stay. There, they were greeted by Amy and Jewel. After introductions were made, Belle was taken to the Restoration HQ's machine shop where she tried to help out. However, her clumsiness caused too much damage. Eventually, Tangle took her with her to get some distance from the latter's mishaps, and soon befriended her. Meanwhile, Jewel told Sonic, Tails and Amy about a new Eggman tower on the coast outside of Seaside City, prompting Sonic, Tails and Amy to head out to investigate it. Being determined to go to the tower as well, Belle and Tangle found an unused Extreme Gear in the machine shop and used it to get out of the Restoration HQ and pursue Sonic.[6]

Zeti Hunt!

The Chaotix later arrived at the new Restoration HQ, where they were commissioned by Jewel to capture the Deadly Six.[7] To everyone's surprise however, said group attacked Restoration HQ soon after, forcing their way through the loading bay and destroying the underground complex's main hall. During the chaos, Dr. Starline got in as well and kidnapped Belle from the machine shop. Meanwhile, Jewel, Tangle, and Whisper barricaded themselves in the control room. Just as the Deadly Six tried to enter the control room however, Sonic arrived to take on the Deadly Six.[15] The Deadly Six proceeded to fight Sonic, who got supported from Tangle and Whisper, who attacked the Deadly Six through a hole in the control room's door. As the Deadly Six got close to winning however, Tails appeared with his Zeti Zappers, which he and Sonic used to incapacitate the Deadly Six. Afterward however, the heroes became aware of Belle's kidnapping.[16]


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