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The Restoration[8] are a group that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a rebuilding organization established to be the successor of the Resistance.[9]


Past and Infection

The Restoration was established to be the successor of the Resistance after the latter was disbanded following the battle for Angel Island.[9] Shortly after the disbandment, Amy and Tails became a part of the Restoration.[8][2] With Dr. Eggman defeated, the Restoration began helping rebuild the different places of their world that had been devastated by the Eggman War, such as Sunset City.[10]

Crisis City

One day as Amy was going through paperwork in Restoration HQ, a Restoration member came to her to give her a phone call from Vector. Vector told her that Dr. Eggman had invaded Seaside City and was turning people into Zombots, and that the Chaotix needed back-up. Amy told Vector that she would send a Rescue Shuttle down to the city to help with evacuation and put out a call to everyone, hoping that Sonic would come to help. The Restoration soon after arrived in their shuttle and managed to rescue a handful of uninfected civilians.[11] Another Rescue Shuttle was sent down to Floral Forest Village to help transport the refugees there, including Cream the Rabbit, Vanilla the Rabbit and the accompanying Gemerl.[12]


The Restoration at work, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

Not long after, Amy was contacted by Rouge, who requested that she send whoever she could to Sunset City, as Team Dark was losing control over the Zombot outbreak in the city.[10] The call was received and help was sent in the form of Tails and Silver the Hedgehog. The duo managed to free Sonic from the hordes of Zombots as well as Omega, though he lost his body in the process. Back at Restoration HQ, Amy was busy leading search and rescue missions for various locations under the threat of the Metal Virus. During Cream's stay, she would regularly give out snacks and sweets to the refugees of the Restoration HQ to help keep them happy. Vector and Espio were taking shifts to find survivors and supplies.[13]

Weapons and technology

Rescue Shuttles: The Restoration has its own air fleet that is composed of Rescue Shuttles, originally designed to be Battleships. They boast blue and white spaceship-like designs.[11]


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