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The Restoration[8] are a group that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a rebuilding organization established to be the successor of the Resistance.[9]


Past and Infection

The Restoration was established to be the successor of the Resistance after the latter was disbanded following the battle for Angel Island.[9] Shortly after the disbandment, Amy and Tails became a part of the Restoration.[8][3] With Dr. Eggman defeated, the Restoration began helping rebuild the different places of their world that had been devastated by the Eggman War, such as Sunset City.[10]

Crisis City and Darkest Hour

One day as Amy was going through paperwork in Restoration HQ, a Restoration member came to her to give her a phone call from Vector. Vector told her that Dr. Eggman had invaded Seaside City and was turning people into Zombots, and that the Chaotix needed back-up. Amy told Vector that she would send a Rescue Shuttle down to the city to help with evacuation and put out a call to everyone, hoping that Sonic would come to help. The Restoration soon after arrived in their shuttle and managed to rescue a handful of uninfected civilians.[11] Another Rescue Shuttle was sent down to Floral Forest Village to help transport the refugees there, including Cream the Rabbit, Vanilla the Rabbit and the accompanying Gemerl.[12]


The Restoration at work, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

When a Zombot outbreak began in Sunset City, a representative of the Restoration contacted Nite the Owl at K-TBR 199.2 to use his radio station to broadcast a guide for people to gather at the Grand Gold Flicky Hotel for safety.[13] Amy was soon contacted by Rouge, who requested that she send whoever she could to Sunset City, as Team Dark was losing control over the Zombot outbreak in the city.[10] The call was received and help was sent in the form of Tails and Silver the Hedgehog. The duo managed to free Sonic from the hordes of Zombots as well as Omega, though he lost his body in the process. Back at Restoration HQ, Amy was busy leading search and rescue missions for various locations under the threat of the Metal Virus. During Cream's stay, she would regularly give out snacks and sweets to the refugees of the Restoration HQ to help keep them happy. Vector and Espio were taking shifts to find survivors and supplies.[14]

The Last Minute

Tails, along with Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf, decided to go to Central City to research a cure for the Metal Virus. Once they arrived there, they found Dr. Eggman already beginning to distribute the Metal Virus there. Tails began to research a cure in his lab while Tangle and Whisper handled evacuation of the city. Soon, Tails called Amy to give her updates about his progress in the lab. He then told Amy that he will call for updates from Tangle and Whisper after she asked about sending Rescue Shuttles. Meanwhile, Vector and Espio returned to Restoration HQ following a mission in Pine Grove Village with many refugees and a captive Zombot Charmy. The duo planned to leave Charmy imprisoned in a Containment Bubble in Tails' lab until Tails found a cure for the virus. Gemerl refused to allow a Zombot in the facility and entered an argument with Vector that was later quelled by Cream.[15]


Amy fighting through Zombots, from Sonic the Hedgehog #22.

Shortly thereafter, one of the villagers from Pine Grove Village, revealed that he was infected by the Metal Virus and swiftly turned into a Zombot, which created a panic among the refugees. The tumult caused Charmy to break out of his Containment Bubble and begin infecting people. Espio sounded the alarm, which led to Amy calling for the Restoration pilots to go to the launch bay and prepare for an emergency take-off. Gemerl was tasked with retrieving Omega from Tails' lab and then begin scanning everyone who attempted to leave the facility in case they were infected. Espio aided with evacuation and discovered only one pilot was able to make it out uninfected. Vanilla was cornered by several Zombots and was infected. Before she became into a Zombot herself, she asked Amy to get Cream to safety, which she did much to the protests of the young rabbit. Vector held the gates of the launch bay open so that Gemerl could confirm that everyone inside the building was infected to some degree. Before Vector could close the gates, Charmy flew out of the building, targeting the Rescue Shuttle. Vector leapt at the Zombot bee and pinned him to the ground, getting infected in the process. Knowing he was lost to the virus, Vector went back inside the HQ, keeping the Zombots backed up, and had Gemerl close the gates behind him so that the others could escape. The Rescue Shuttle soon arrived at Central City Bay to rescue Tails, Tangle, Whisper and the uninfected citizens of Central City. After they all boarded, Amy relayed the bad news to the trio that Restoration HQ had fallen. Afterwards, Tangle received a call from a panicked Jewel. Amy called Sonic to come as the Restoration moves to Spiral Hill Village, where Eggman caused another Zombot outbreak.[16][15] [17]

When the Restoration arrived at the village, they began their evacuation plan. Espio, Tangle and Whisper were tasked with distracting the Zombots so that Tails and Cream could rescue uninfected villagers they could find. Amy and Gemerl were watching the Rescue Shuttle to act as a chokepoint, with the latter scanning refugees for no signs of infection. Tangle went to the Mineral Museum to check on Jewel, but the beetle had already been converted into a Zombot and attacked the lemur, striking her in the shoulder and infecting her. After trapping Jewel in a glass case, Tangle engaged other Zombots while avoiding her infection from spreading too quickly. When Sonic arrived on the scene, he helped Espio fend off several Zombots. Afterwards, he was helped by Whisper to trap a horde of Zombots inside of a building. Sonic then went on to talk to Amy to learn the current plan and he decided that he would go find Tangle so that they could find a way to prevent Zombots from following them if they tried to escape. Tails came by to inform the team that he and Cream could not find any more survivors; with this, Amy called for a retreat. While Tails went off to find Espio and Whisper, Sonic found Tangle in the Mineral Museum. As he helped her fend off Zombots, Tangle presented her idea to be used as a tripwire to prevent the infected from advancing. Sonic was initially skeptical about this idea, but after Tangle revealed that she had already been infected and told the hedgehog to stop moping over current events, he opened up to it. Sonic then ran around several lampposts so that Tangle could stretch her tail around them. After the plan seemed to be working, Sonic and Tangle hugged and said their goodbyes. The hedgehog ran back to the shuttle to inform the others of the news; though the team were very upset, Whisper became hysterical and attempted to run back into the village to save her. After Whisper's Wisps and Amy managed to hold her back and get her back onto the ship, the latter called for a take-off. Tangle continued to fight the infected back until she succumbed to the Metal Virus and became a Zombot herself.[18]

All or Nothing


Espio shows Knuckles the refugees they were able to save, from Sonic the Hedgehog #26.

The Restoration flew their final Rescue Shuttle to Angel Island, their last safe haven. Knuckles was told of what was going on and allowed the refugees to stay on his island for a while. Soon, Eggman, Dr. Starline and Metal Sonic arrived on the island via a Warp Portal from Starline's Warp Topaz. They informed the group that their plan was hijacked by the Deadly Six. The group linked up with Rouge, who had managed to sneak onto the Faceship days earlier, and she explained that the Deadly Six were now plotting to control the Zombots all over the world with their enhanced powers from using the Chaos Emeralds that Eggman was using to power his ship. Eggman soon explained that the Metal Virus would soon start causing Zombots to disintegrate, which Silver confirmed as it lined up with what his future's eventuality sounded like. The group tried to come up with new ways to counter the Metal Virus. Eggman suggested Sonic becoming Super Sonic and use the power of the Warp Topaz to send the entirety of the virus away. Starline disagreed with this and attempted to leave to find a cure on his own, only for Metal Sonic to forcibly take the Topaz from him and send him away through a Warp Portal, no longer employed under Eggman. Amy called in the Babylon Rogues for extra support on their missions to get the Chaos Emeralds from the Deadly Six and Tails and Eggman got to work on a machine that would send the group to the different locations to attack the Zeti simultaneously.[19]

After Sonic assigned everyone a different member of the Deadly Six to take on, Knuckles was shown by Espio the amount of people they were able to rescue from Restoration HQ and Central City. Knuckles swore to a disheartened Espio that if worse comes to worse, he would look after the survivors. Soon, everyone left to go fight the Zeti and retrieve the Chaos Emeralds. They later arrived back on the island and saw that Zavok had discovered their location. Rouge managed to crash the Faceship and retrieve the sixth Chaos Emerald but this did not stop Zavok as he dug out of the debris and grew to an even larger size. He began to attack the island with fireballs and threw several Zombots onto it. While Sonic, Silver and Metal Sonic went to confront Zavok, the rest of the group tried to defend the refugees and the Master Emerald from the Zombots, some of which were familiar faces. Eventually, Super Sonic and Super Silver emerged, defeated Zavok and warped the entirety of the Metal Virus away from the world into the sun via a Super Warp Portal from the Warp Topaz. Everyone was thus returned to normal. After Super Sonic tried to ditch the Warp Topaz through a the Super Warp Portal, an explosion occurred that thrust Silver back onto the island and that Sonic disappeared through.[20][21][22]

Out of the Blue


Tails, Amy and Knuckles discuss the Restoration and the Resistance, from Sonic the Hedgehog #30.

While Knuckles believed that Sonic would show up at any moment, Amy and Tails did not see any options as to how they could find him. After Zavok was restrained, Amy found relief in the crisis being over. However, Tails turned her attention to the fact that five Zeti were still on the loose in the world. The weary Amy realized that once she got back to Restoration HQ, she would have to worry about them as well. Tails suggested that Amy took a break and asked why she even took the job in the first place. She explained that she only did it because Knuckles disbanded the Resistance on whim. Knuckles argued that his place was on the island and the war was over anyway. Amy countered this by saying that the people down below still needed help. Knuckles disagreed with Amy's want to spread herself thin to help everyone everywhere and asked when the refugees would leaving. Tails said that this would be after he repaired the Rescue Shuttle but after looking around, he could not find it. Eggman was nowhere to be found either until Big pointed out that he was escaping via the final Rescue Shuttle. Metal Sonic was shot at by Whisper after he impaled Gemerl in order to retrieve Orbot and Cubot for Eggman, but he blocked them.[23]

Later on, back in a worn down Restoration HQ, Amy became swamped with even more work to organize supplies for rebuilding and finding people displaced by their time as Zombots. She was soon visited by Jewel, Tangle's best friend, who offered to take over her position in administration of the Restoration as she liked cataloging and organizing and felt excited at the thought of bringing it to order. Amy was taken happily taken aback by this, but thanked Jewel and accepted her offer. She then made sure to bring the beetle up to speed before stepping down.[2]

Weapons and technology

  • Rescue Shuttles: The Restoration has its own air fleet that is composed of Rescue Shuttles, originally designed to be Battleships. They boast blue and white spaceship-like designs.[11]



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