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Renzo is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Despite having an opaque, solid appearance, he is actually a ghost who lost his life in a traffic accident, and he now spends his hours standing on the roof of a building in Castle Town. During his life, Renzo was a qualified pilot, and his lifelong goal was to take to the skies and fly over Castle Town in an airplane. He was planning to enter a flying tournament that involved guiding a plane through rings, but was tragically killed in a crash prior to the event. However, he posthumously holds a strong desire to win the tournament, refusing to move until his dream is fulfilled. He is forced to spend day after tedious day squatted on top of his building, surveying the streets below.


Renzo thanking Silver for achieving his dream for him.

In Silver's story, Renzo gives Silver his fourth Town Mission. It is another boring day, and being a ghost on a roof, Renzo does not usually get visitors. He is therefore shocked when Silver arrives and is able to see him. The ghost still longs to beat the tournament record (at the event, one team gained a top score of 20 rings), but is obviously unable to do it himself. Renzo begs Silver to appease him by going through all of the rings in Castle Town in two minutes and 30 seconds, shattering the tournament high score.

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