The Remote Robot[1] (メカテイルス Meka Teirusu?, lit. "Mecha Tails")[2], is a robot used by Miles "Tails" Prower in Tails Adventure as a major component of the game. The Remote Robot is fox-like robot capable to access different narrow sections in the game by its small size and its flying ability.


The Remote Robot has a chicken walker design and vaguely resembles Tails; it has a rounded body and large head both colored orange, the head has two points on the top that resemble ears, two oval eyes colored blue, and a white muzzle-like piece attached to the lower part of the head via two gray bolts. On the bottom of the body is two white, thin legs with white and red feet, resembling Tails' shoes.


The Remote Robot is found in Poloy's Forest after defeating the game's first boss. After this, the robot is equiped to Tails' inventory and can be unequiped by visiting Tails' House. The robot can used for reconnaissance and item collecting. It's ability to transform into the Sea Fox allows the player to access areas such as Lake Rocky. The Remote Robot is also vital for defeating Dr. Fukurokov.

In the game's end credits, Tails can be seen building a much larger version of the Remote Robot which explodes several times during creation (which is partly due to an interfering Flicky).


Tails Remote Robot

Tails piloting the Remote Robot.

The robots' primary function is as a reconnaissance robot used for surveying areas and collecting items, as such, it lacks any offensive capabilities. Its small design allows the robot to travel through small gaps that would be otherwise inaccessible. The robot can also transform itself into a small, UAV drone by producing helicopter rotor blades from its back for further maneuverability and surveillance. The robot can be recalled at any point and will immediately home into Tails when recalled, the robot also uses this function as a defense mechanism; meaning it will automatically recall when it suffers damage.

The Remote Robot also has the ability to transform itself into the Sea Fox, a small, one-manned submarine, for marine missions.

In other media

Archie Comics


The T-Pup in Archie Comics.

The Remote Robot makes an appearance in the Archie Comics as an invention of Tails, but with a more dog-like appearance and is named T-Pup. He frequently assists Tails with a variety of functions, such as flying and holding data.



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