Remote Bomb (リモコンボム Rimokon bomu?, lit. "Remocon Bomb") is an item that appears in Tails Adventure.


The Remote Bomb has the same appearance as the Regular Bomb; it is a shiny, black sphere with a lit fuse.


The Remote can be found in the Volcanic Tunnel in a section only accessible by using the Remote Robot. The Remote Bomb is then required to complete the rest of the level.


When the Remote Bomb is used by the player, Tails will throw the bomb and it will slide along the ground slowly until it stops, the bomb will then remain in place unless the player detonates the bomb with Game Gear I Button.png. However, the bomb will also detonate if it comes into contact with an enemy.

The Remote Bomb can be sent through tunnels and gaps too small for the player to pass through and destroy obstacles and enemies allowing the player to progress through the game.

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