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The Reindeer Girl[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. She is a young anthropomorphic reindeer who lives on Seaside Island.



The Reindeer Girl.

The Reindeer Girl is a short anthropomorphic reindeer with amethyst fur, a round head and blue eyes. She has an eggshell-colored muzzle with a small black nose, eggshell-colored fur around her eyes, amethyst eyelids, white spots on her shoulders, and curved, purple-tipped ears with eggshell-colored insides. She also has two eggshell-tipped ponytails tied up by green hair scrunchie, slightly rosy cheeks, and two small antlers on top of her head. Her attire consists of a pink dress, white gloves, green socks, and pink and white shoes with black soles.


TV series

Season two


The Reindeer Girl at Eggman's bunker.

Hearing that an asteroid would impact the earth, the Reindeer Girl showed up to buy a spot in Eggman's bunker to ride out the impending apocalypse in. Although she did not get a spot, Team Sonic would stop the asteroid.[2] Soon after, the Reindeer Girl saw Team Sonic in the Village Center.[3] She would later attend Career Day to hear other people elaborate on their careers.[4]

Hypnotized by Dreamcaster's TV broadcasts, the Reindeer Girl became Dr. Eggman's zombi slave, who had her and the hypnotized villagers build a world-controlling satellite. She would later attack Sticks when she came to the rescue, but was freed when Team Sonic foiled Eggman's plan.[5] Later on, the Reindeer Girl came to an edition of the Comedy Chimp Show, where she lost the show's give-away prize to Knuckles.[6] She soon after had to be evacuated from the youth center when Eggman attempted to destroy it.[7] Coming to Meh Burger, the Reindeer Girl received premium service from the new robot employees (courtesy of Eggman). Upon attenting the reopening of the improved Meh Burger however, she and the villagers got trapped in a force-field and sent towards space in Meh Burger by Eggman. Thanks to Team Sonic and Dave though, the Reindeer Girl was rescued, along with Meh Burger.[8] The Reindeer Girl later joined the Science Fair Awards with her potato battery, but lost to Beth the Shrew. Nonetheless, she gracefully accepted her loss and participation trophy afterwards.[9]


The Reindeer Girl asking for Tails' autograph.

When Tails seemingly proved Muckfoot's existence with a photo, the Reindeer Girl would look up to Tails as a hero and take part in the ensuing Muckfoot Mania.[10] She later went on a trip to the beach where she would play with other kids.[11] After that, she had a chat with Lady Goat at Meh Burger.[12] Seeing the Lightning Bowler Society beat the Pin Dashers some time afterward, the Reindeer Girl would come to the former's next public appearance as they rose to stardom.[13] Another time, the Reindeer Girl would wait in line during the evening to visit T.W. Barker's Haunted Forest. She would also try to visit Barker's newly-acquired "haunted lair" a few days later.[14] The Reindeer Girl later came under attack by Cubot when the latter went nuts and gained new gravity powers. Although Sticks kept her safe for a while, the Reindeer Girl ultimately got caught in the grasp of Cubot's gravity powers and taken towards space by Cubot. Thanks to Sonic and Tails though, the Reindeer Girl was brought down to earth again before she died from asphyxia.[15]

While at the rec center, the Reindeer Girl's good time got interrupted when said location got closed. She soon after came to see a soccer match between Team Sonic and Team Cybonic that would decide the rec center's fate. When Team Sonic won, Mayor Fink declared that the rec center would be reopened at the cost of the library, much to the Reindeer Girl's joy.[16] The Reindeer Girl later went to Meh Burger where she had a laugh from watching Morpho's poor attempt to impersonate Sonic.[17] When Race Day arrived several months afterward, the Reindeer Girl would watch said event's auto race competition at its site.[18] After that, she would get into Scrambler.[19] When buying an ice cream some time after, the Reindeer Girl saw the Ice Cream Vendor's cart get nabbed by D-Fekt. When D-Fekt and MeBot later did battle, the Reindeer Girl was kept safe by Knuckles.[20]


The Reindeer Girl is shown to be playful and fun-loving when engaging in games with other kids.[11][16] She also has a good sense of sportsmanship, having applauded Beth after she lost to her at the Science Fair Awards.[9]


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