For the object in Sonic Underground, see Reflecting Pool (Sonic Underground).

Reflecting pools are objects that appear in Sonic and the Black Knight. They are magical pools used for observation.



The reflecting pools, rather than being actual pools of water, are more akin to medieval seals made entirely of magic.

Features and traits

Barrier Stones barrier

A reflecting pool showing a map.

From within it, one can show real-time events and maps. It also shows a strange ability, allowing the Knights of the Round Table to communicate with Sonic.


After Sonic the Hedgehog left for Camelot Castle, Merlina watched Sonic's progress using her reflecting pool. Nimue would also use a reflecting pool after all four barrier stones were activated. By then, the pool showed a map of Camelot, which indicated that the barrier formed was too weak. The last time the pool was used was before the battle between Excalibur Sonic and the Dark Queen.

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