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Quotation1.svg Whoops! Look out for the flame balls circling around overhead! Dodge the fire serpents and fluorescent bats, and use the springs to reach special items. Quotation2.svg
— Description, Sonic Blast US manual[1]

Red Volcano Zone (レッドボルケーノ[2] Reddoborukēno?, lit. "Red Volcano") is the third Zone from the game Sonic Blast. It follows Yellow Desert Zone and precedes Blue Marine Zone.


As the name suggests, this level is set within the caves of an active volcano. It also possesses gadgets, such as Spin Dash-powered elevators (resembling those in Lava Reef Zone from Sonic & Knuckles).


Main article: Red Volcano Zone boss

At the end of Act 3, Dr. Robotnik will show up in a mace-equipped capsule on a spring. The player must hit this mech on its glass cover eight times to win the fight.




  • This Zone was originally named Red Volcanic Zone in early prototype builds for Sonic Blast.
  • Despite being named "Red Volcano Zone", the entire Zone is actually colored purple.
  • Red Volcano Zone appears to be the Zone pictured on the US/EU box artwork for Sonic Blast.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
N/A N/A 1:57


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