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The Red Star Ring is an object that appears in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. It is variant of the Ring used for purchases and revivals.


The Red Star Rings are based on the classic Ring. Unlike regular Rings however, the Red Star Rings are red and have a five-pointed star in the middle that connect to the inner rim of the rings.


Red Star Ring transaction

Red Star Rings for sale.

In gameplay, the Red Star Rings can be found on the race courses during runs (only ten can be found on the courses per day), or be bought in the store through microtransactions. The player can also earn them from different Prizes gained from Missions and Events.

Red Star Rings serve as their game's premium currency for multiple purposes. They can be used to buy playable characters (except for Sonic) and to raise every character's fifth level for better gameplay. During a run, the player can also pay Red Star Rings to revive a character whenever he/she gets a game over. The player only has to pay one Red Star Ring for the first revive, but the price will double for each subsequent revival.

Regarding Sprites, the player can pay Red Star Rings to purchase two extra slots to equip Sprites to for a run. The first costs eight Red Star Rings and the second cost twenty-five. Similarly, four extra slots of Sprite storage can be traded in for Red Star Rings, though the prize will increase for each purchase (the first cost ten Red Star Rings, then twelve, then fourteen, seventeen, twenty-three, twenty-six, etc.) The player can also pay up to sixteen Red Star Rings for a Sprite Bottle to unlock new Sprites, depending on how much longer a player would otherwise have to wait.



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