Red Rooster is a fast food chain in Australia and New Zealand owned by the Kailis family which sells roast chicken and chicken-related products.


Since June 2012, the company has launched Sonic-themed merchandise which may be purchased with or without meals for a time period of eight weeks after the production date. The items include:

  • A selection of "3D cups" designed with Sonic, Tails or Amy. Each cup is non-spill and reusable with a bendy straw and straw-cap.
  • An expandable flyer. This is a plastic disc which can be thrown, expanding to three different shapes in the air.
  • A soft-sided pencil case.
  • A bouncy ball.
  • "Memory Cards" which are not designed for a computer or gaming system; they are flat picture cards which are used to play a game of Matching Pairs.


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