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They spice things up with fiery breath.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia

The Red Ma Djinn (レッド・ジン Reddo jin?, lit. "Red Djinn")[1] is an enemy that first appeared in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is an evil djinn breed originating from the world of the Arabian Nights and some of the Erazor Djinn's henchmen.


The Red Ma Djinns are the largest of the most common form of djinns. They mostly resemble humanoid specters with streamlined bodies and no lower body or neck. Their bodies are mostly black with shades of crimson on their large arms and lowers torso, crimson patches on their shoulders and forehead, and yellow drawings for a face and flames on their forearms. They also have a green gem in their chest with a crimson drawing around their waist which has yellow outlines, two elaborately-decorated cones for ears, a high topknot on their head and mittens for hands. For attire, they have wrists cuffs and dark golden bands on their wrists and lower torso. Depending on their location, the Red Ma Djinns wear additional attire:

  • Sand Oasis: Wears a grey keffiyeh and cloth around their forearms.
  • Dinosaur Jungle: Wears a coat of green leaves and leaves in their topknot.
  • Evil Foundry: Wears metallic armor with gears around wrists and in their topknot.
  • Levitated Ruin: Wears stone-based armor and is covered almost entirely in grey dust.
  • Pirate Storm: Wears a black pirate captain hat, an eye patch, and a hook for the left hand, as well as pirate tattoos on their arms.
  • Skeleton Dome: Wears solid grey stone-based armor arranged as bone structures and has curved grey horns.
  • Night Palace: Wears solid metallic guard armor.

Game appearances

Sonic and the Secret Rings

The Red Ma Djinns first appeared in Sonic and the Secret Rings. They are diverse in origin, but they all share the common characteristic of being driven to madness during the events of the game. Some appear to have been regular inhabitants,[2] others were evil spirits sealed away long ago by King Solomon,[3] and the rest were created by the Erazor Djinn from the words he carved out of the Arabian Nights.[4][5] Regardless, they were all recruited into Erazor's personal army and used to attack the world of the Arabian Nights in his search for the World Rings.

The Red Ma Djinns are some of the most common enemies in the game and can be found in every World. In gameplay, they remain in stationary positions and attack almost immediately when the player approaches by breathing fire while spinning. The player can also take damage when normally touching them. However, they take two hits to be defeated, so the player has to be cautious when landing the second hit due to their fire breath. When defeated, they release Pearls.

Sonic Rivals 2

The Red Ma Djinn in Sonic Rivals 2.

In Sonic Rivals 2, the Red Ma Djinns appear as one of the collectible cards in the game. To obtain it, the player has to get an S Rank in Sunset Forest Zone Act 2.

Powers and abilities

The Red Ma Djinns are able to levitate and can fly through midair. Their specialty is breathing a long-ranged column of fire from their mouths. They are as well capable of teleportation.


  • The "Ma Djinn" in the Red Ma Djinn's name is pronounced "Majin" in Japanese, which also means "demon person."


Concept artwork




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