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Sonic Riders
Red Canyon

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Red Canyon (レッドキャニオン Reddokyanion?) is the second course of the the Babylon story mode in Sonic Riders. It follows Night Chase and precedes Ice Factory. Red Canyon is also a part of the EX World Grand Prix.


The course takes place at evening or sunset, and its course is another version of Splash Canyon in the Hero Story Mode. There are a couple of dim parts (being in tunnels). The course is much like Splash Canyon, but at sunset. The number of type skill parts are greater for Speed Type racers, which has four rails to grind on, most being short but linking to another rail, and one long rail to grind on. There are also two sets of Dash Rings for Air Riding for Fly Type racers. For Power Type racers, there are now two shortcuts; one of them is the same from Splash Canyon, and the other is right before the rapids section. There is 100 Rings Item Box which can instantly upgrade the wielder to Level 3.


Wave cuts in Sonic's friends' conversation, insulting them for their stupidity. She then notices the Blue Star, and starts examining it. She thinks to herself that it is a decent board, but she secretly attaches a small explosive on the bottom of. Then she insults Tails out loud. Following Wave's insult towards Tails, Amy and Wave are pitted in the same race. Amy ends up losing.




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