Recognize! Treasure Box.png

Recognize! Treasure Box is a minigame that appears in Party Mode in Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Hold the Wii Remote in horizontal position and shake the remote to hear a rattling noise similar to coins when the player is holding a treasure box. Press WiiDSA.png to pick up a treasure/throw the treasure box somewhere else.


Each player must select one of the eight treasure boxes located in the area of this minigame. If you pick up a treasure box, you can listen to how many coins are in box via the speaker on the Wii Remote. If the noise sounds too light, that means there are few coins in the box, while if the box sounds cluttered, that means there are many coins in the box. If you have not found any boxes with many coins, you can throw your treasure box at another player to snag their treasure box. The player that ends up getting the most coins from the box is the winner of the minigame.


  • Listen closely on the noise made by the Wii Remote; if it sounds cluttered, that means there are plenty of coins in the treasure box.

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