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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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The rec center is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a sports facility for the members of Hedgehog Village that can be used for various activities.[1]


The rec center is a grassy area with a sharp rock and a river on the side of the land. It also has yellow sunflower-like plants accompanying the edge of the river. There are also a few trees surrounding the area. The rec center building is a colorful structure with a sheltered area containing two tables and two courts that are marked for playing basketball and soccer. These courts each have basketball and soccer nets at the ends of the court for their respective sport. There are also benches at the venue.

According to the (convoluted and arbitrary) rules of Hedgehog Village, the control of the rec center can only change hands in an athletic competition.[1]


TV series

Season two

Team Sonic dance

Team Sonic facing Team Cybonic on the soccer field.

When Mayor Fink closed the rec center due to lack of funding, Team Sonic tried to file a petition against it. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman tried to buy it so he could tear it down and build his own private rec center. After both parties' attempt failed, Team Sonic challenge Eggman to a soccer match over ownership of the rec center. When his robots proved unable to play sports at his tryouts at the rec center, Eggman used mind-control to bring Team Cybonic down from Roboken so that he could have a chance at beating Team Sonic. When Team Cybonic proved equally matched with Team Sonic during practice at the rec center though, Eggman reprogrammed them to be meaner. The soccer match was held at the rec center soon after, which Team Sonic won. It was then decided by the mayor that he would close the library so the rec center could stay available to Hedgehog Village.[1]

While playing at the rec center, Team Sonic met Eggman, who demanded Sonic added him on FriendSpace. When Sonic refused, which made Eggman leave, Tails convinced him to do it anyway to spy on Eggman. Sonic later returned to the rec center to play a game with his friends, only to realize that they were preoccupied with Scrambler.[2]


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