Ready, Aim, Sonic! is the seventh DVD of Sonic Underground episodes to be released. Published by NCircle Entertainment on July 21, 2009, this DVD consists of four episodes of Sonic Underground. The total running time of the DVD is approximately 88 minutes.


  • Come Out Wherever You Are - Sonia has been invited to a débutante ball, arranged by none other than Doctor Robotnik's right hand man Bartleby. Sonic helps her in getting there without being caught, but even more problems arise when Cyrus chooses her to fly the captives of the Predator to safety.
  • Bug! - The hedgehogs discover a village that has been destroyed by its Freedom Fighter occupants. It seems to be something to do with the flybots all over the desert, as Manic finds out when he's injected with a mind-control serum, making him a slave to Robotnik!
  • The Big Melt - What started as a fun vacation for Sonic, Sonia and Manic gets ruined by Robotnik when he comes up with a plan to melt the polar ice caps. Things become hard for the Sonic Underground when Sonia gets split up from the group and mistaken for Queen Sauna by a group of penguins who are having troubles of their own.
  • The Art of Destruction - The Sonic Underground come across ART, Robotnik's most powerful robot, which is able to think and learn for itself. But ART soon learns the power of friendship, and switches to the side of the Resistance. This provides a vengeful Sleet the opportunity to finish off ART and the hedgehogs once and for all...
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