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ReSaurus was an American toy company that was founded in 1993.[1] They acquired the rights to make action figures based on Sonic Adventure in 1999, and were also the first company to produce Sonic Adventure action figures. This was the first real set of Sonic action figures, as previous companies had only made Sonic figures with very limited to no articulation. Unfortunately ReSaurus went out of business not long after the second series of their Sonic Adventure figures released sometime after 2001.


ReSaurus Sonic and base

Sonic and his base.

ReSaurus released two series of 4-inch Sonic action figures and two 12-inch Sonic figures, all based on Sonic Adventure. These were considered by fans to be the best Sonic figures available. They were detailed, on-model and very good quality. Each figure came with a base of their 'face logo' and one plastic gold-chromed ring which fit on a clear plastic rod to fit in the base. The figures also had a hole in their shoe so they could snapped onto their base. Today most of the ReSaurus Sonic figures are considered rare and are sought after, and can sell for over $100 online.

Unfortunately not long after the second series released, ReSaurus went into suspended animation,[2] then eventually went out of business. Before this happened however, they still had plans for new Sonic figures. A line celebrating Sonic's 10th anniversary was supposed to be made, and it would've contained Tails, Knuckles, a Golden Sonic and a black E-series robot labeled as "E-102 Alpha".[3] Since this robot doesn't actually exist, it was likely meant to be E-101 Beta or E-101 Mark II.


CG references that would've been used for Shadow and Rouge.

A third series of the Adventure figures was also supposed to be made, based on Sonic Adventure 2. It would've contained figures of Shadow the Hedgehog,[4] Rouge the Bat and Dr. Eggman[5], but was put on indefinite hold while the company was in suspended animation, until eventually being canceled due to the company going out of business before the series could be produced.

Due to ReSaurus going out of business not long after series 2 released, the series had a very limited run, making the figures from the line the rarest ones the company released. For unknown reasons there were a lot of factory seconds leftover from this series. Eventually these seconds made their way online, and people suspected these figures to be bootlegs due to their poor quality and lack of packaging and accessories.[6] It turns out these supposed bootlegs were just factory seconds, as they had been sitting in a factory for years[7] and resembled the official figures too closely to be able to be bootlegs.

Action figures

4" action figures

Series 1
Character Accessories Highlights
SonicResaurus 8578798622269767680 n
Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Stand
  • Ring
  • Rod (to hold the ring)
  • 7 points of Articulation
Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Stand
  • Ring
  • Rod (to hold the ring)
  • 8 points of Articulation
Miles "Tails" Prower (revised)
  • Stand
  • Ring
  • Rod (to hold the ring)
  • 8 points of Articulation
Knuckles the Echidna
  • Stand
  • Ring
  • Rod (to hold the ring)
  • 7 points of Articulation
Series 2
Character Accessories Highlights
Sonic the Hedgehog (skiing)
  • Stand
  • 2 Skis
  • 2 Polls
  • Ring
  • Rod (to hold the ring)
  • 7 points of Articulation
Resaurus Amy
Amy Rose
  • 8 points of Articulation
Big the Cat
  • 9 points of Articulation
E-102 Gamma
  • First ever Gamma figure
  • 6 points of Articulation

10th Anniversary figures (canceled)

Series 3 figures (canceled)

11" action figures

ReSaurus made two 11-inch Sonic action figures, one on its own and a "talking" version that came with a base that could play voice clips. The voice clips were "Aw yeah!", "This is happening!" and "Ready to roll champ? Let's go!".

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