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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
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The Ratbot[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a mass-produced, rat-based robot made by Dr. Robotnik. However, they have since been abandoned by the doctor, and now reside in the underground regions of Robotropolis.


Ratbots are large, rat-based robots. They have primarily black bodies, with a number of yellow circles around their necks and chest area. They also have sharp yellow teeth, feet with yellow middle-toes, glowing red eyes, and long yellow tails with electricity constantly coursing through them.


TV series


In the past, Dr. Robotnik created Ratbots to dig tunnels. However, he abandoned them many years ago, leaving them to live independently in the system of underground pipes underneath Robotropolis. The Ratbots themselves ended up posing a threat to the inhabitants of Lower Mobius, so they installed hatches in the pipes that blocked off the Ratbots and kept them from invading Lower Mobius. One Ratbot in partial became a mutant, causing it to grow to twice the size of a regular Ratbot.[1]

Season one

Rabots attacking the inhabitants of Lower Mobius.

When a group of Ratbots began to approach Lower Mobius, Griff asked Sonic, Sally and Antoine for help. Griff proceeded to drive the heroes to the place where the Ratbots came from in his Hover Sled, but then the Hover Sled broke down and they could not retreat. Sonic thus decided to fight the two present Ratbots while Griff repaired Hover Sled. The first Ratbot tried to hit Sonic with its tail, but ended up cutting a water pipe. Another Ratbot would then approach Sonic from behind, but Sonic jumped to the other side. After some time, Sonic came across a hot steam pipe and forced the Ratbots to hit it with their tails. As the steam broke out and bathed the Ratbots in it, the Ratbots ended up short-circuiting. However, the feared mutant Ratbot then appeared and began to approach Griff and his Hover Sled. Fortunately, Sonic pushed the Hover Sled away from the big Ratbot with the power of a Power Ring.[1]

When Griff later placed the Power Rock into Lower Mobius's power supply, Ratbots attacked the city. The residents tried to fight them, but they did not stand much of a chance. During the fight, Griff was knocked down by some Ratbots, but then Sonic came and saved him. Sonic proceeded to trick the Ratbots into hitting themselves with their electrified tails, thereby making them short-circuit each other.[1]


The Ratbots are highly vicious and extremely territorial, showing no hesitation to attack those who enter their territorium or those outside their homes.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Ratbots can discharge electricity from their tails and use them as whips to attack opponents.[1]


Despite generating electricity, the Ratbots are still vulnerable to their own attacks if they are to hit one another accidentally. They are also prone to fatally short-circuit when dowsed in damp substances.[1]


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