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The Rapid Tails Attack[1] (連続シッポ回転攻撃[2] Renzoku shippo kaiten kōgeki?, lit. "Continuous Tail Rotation Attack"), also known as the Rapid Spin Attack[3] (連続シッポ回転攻撃[4] Renzoku shippo kaiten kōgeki?, lit. "Continuous Tail Rotation Attack"), is a move that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is an upgraded version of the Tail Swipe used by Miles "Tails" Prower. When performing this move, Tails performs a continuous chain of Tail Swipes.


The mechanics behind the Rapid Tails Attack are basically identical to the Tail Swipe, with Tails performing a 360° spin while lashing out with his twin tails to damage any nearby enemies. When performing the Rapid Tails Attack however, Tails executes a continuous chain of Tail Swipes that switch Tails' singular 360° spin out with a sustained twirling motion. While performing this move, Tails is shown pulling off several acrobatic feats akin to that of breakdancing, using both his feet and hands to pirouette around as he sweeps across the ground like a whirling foxy dervish.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure

This move made its first appearance in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, where it is known as the Rapid Tails Attack[1] (連続シッポ回転攻撃[2] Renzoku shippo kaiten kōgeki?, lit. "Continuous Tail Rotation Attack"). In this game, Tails must have obtained the Rhythm Badge to perform it. In comparison to the Tails Attack, this move is excellent for ploughing through whole rooms of Badniks and just generally going fast. In addition, it counters the vulnerability the Tails Attack creates.

To perform the Rapid Tails Attack in gameplay, the player must press and hold DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/Gamecube X Button.png. As long as the action button is held, Tails will continue using the Rapid Tails Attack.

Sonic Shuffle

In Sonic Shuffle, the Rapid Tails Attack is called the Rapid Spin Attack[3] (連続シッポ回転攻撃[4] Renzoku shippo kaiten kōgeki?, lit. "Continuous Tail Rotation Attack") and is Tails's Special Attack Ability. In gameplay, this move allows Tails to use two cards in a battle. If he uses a special card, Tails can play another two cards. However, Tails cannot attack if he draws the Eggman card. If Tails draws a special card, this will be ignored and he will draw another card.


  • Despite being a mandatory upgrade for Tails in Sonic Adventure, he is never required to use the Rapid Tails Attack to progress through the game, similar to Amy's Spin Hammer Attack.


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