Rapid Stinger is a Special Weapon exclusively used by Charmy Man in the Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comic crossover, Worlds Collide. Upon using this move, the user can shoot sting-like projectiles at foes to attack them. When using this move Mega Man turns into a black and yellow attire, which matches Charmy's color scheme.


When Mega Man, Proto Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Rush went to Skull Egg Zone, all of the remaining Roboticized Masters–Shadow Man, Knuckles Man, Rose Woman, Blaze Woman, Silver Man, Vector Man, Charmy Man, and Espio Man–ambushed and tried to attack the heroes. Charmy Man used the Rapid Stinger on both Tails and Sonic, only successfully hitting the latter. After Mega Man had deroboticize Charmy Man back to normal via Sonic Shot, Mega Man absorbed the Rapid Stinger Special Weapon. He would actually not use this until he faced Knuckles Man, whereas Mega Man tried to defeat Knuckles Man with the weapon but failed to do so. (WC #6, #8)


  • The colors Mega Man has when using the Rapid Stinger is identical to the colors Mega Man has when using the Thunder Beam Special Weapon.
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