Shuffle rapidclimb

Rapid Climb

Rapid Climb (急上昇 Kyūjōshō?) is an Accident Mini-Game for Fire Bird in Sonic Shuffle.


In Rapid Climb, all four characters are on an airplane wing. The wind pushes them back, so repeatedly press DreamcastA to move forward as to not fall off. Rings and other debris fly by; collect the Rings while avoiding the debris. The wing also changes angle, meaning the characters either have to press DreamcastA more or less depending on how steep the angle is. Move left and right to move from side to side. Do not press DreamcastA too much though, or the character might fall off the front of the wing.

The characters staying on the wing when time expires will each receive twenty extra Rings. Falling off the wing will result in a loss of ten Rings though.

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