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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Underground continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Raphi Hajani[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Underground television series. He is an mobian dog who lives in the city of Tashistan with his mother and grandmother, and an active member of the Resistance.


Raphi is a mobian dog of average height with beige fur, tan skin, orange hair, black eyes, a big black nose, and two large flat ears. For attire, he wears a dark red shirt under a purple jacket with a gold fringe, a gold earing on his left ear, and a small purple and gold fez. Raphi also previously wore a pair of purple pants and gray shoes, although following his roboticization, the entirety of his body from the waist downwards was turned entirely mechanical.[1]


TV series


Raphi lived in Tashistan with his mother and Nana, where they all sold pots as their trade. At some point, he became a member of the Resistance, and secretly destroyed several of Dr. Robotnik's Surveillance Bots.[1]

Season one

Having been sent to deliver a message to the Sonic Underground, Raphi was pursued by several Swatbots, whom he managed to escape by hiding in a narrow alleyway. Making his was to Robotropolis, he delivered the message to Manic the Hedgehog before returning to Tashistan. Arriving back at the city, Raphi destroyed a Surveillance Bot, but was recorded by it in the process. Sonia soon arrived in Tashistan, pursued by Dingo in the form of a Surveillance Bot. Believing him to be just a regular Surveillance Bot, Raphi attacked him with a wooden plank, bouncing him backwards, but leaving him alive. Raphi proceeded to hide in an alleyway while Swatbots approached, but came out when he heard Dingo speaking. Surprised at a "Surveillance Bot" talking, he hit Dingo once again, bouncing him backwards at high speed into Sonia, causing her to lose her memory. With more Swatbots approaching, Raphi led Sonia into a hidden tunnel to escape. Having exited the tunnel, Raphi invited Sonia to his house, and introduced her to his family. Additionally, she assisted him in carrying his pots to the market, which he sold to Abdul for four Dinars. Raphi soon listened to Sonic and Manic perform a song, and marveled at their singing talent, and Sonia's dancing. However, they were interrupted by a group of Swatbots, forcing Raphi and Sonia to flee again. However, they were unable to escape a tractor beam fired from one of Robotnik's warships, and both were pulled into it, captured, and delivered to a prison. While Sonia was only imprisoned, Sleet decided he would have Raphi roboticized as an example. However, while Sleet was occupied, Raphi attempted to pick the lock to his and Sonia's cell, but to no avail. Despite this, Sonia managed to knock down the gate trapping them using her martial art skills, and both were able to escape safely, although in Raphi's case, he was soon recaptured by Dingo while Sonia was distracted, and placed in a roboticizer which Sleet proceeded to activate, before retreating. Although Sonic managed to destroy the roboticizer using his speed, Raphi's legs and waist had already been roboticized. Despite having suffered partial roboticization, this proved to be a benefit to Raphi, as upon escaping, he demonstrated the improved physical abilities they granted him to the Sonic Underground, before they left Tashistan and Raphi in search of their mother.[1]


Raphi has a very friendly personality, as he invited Sonia to his house when she lost her memory, and helped her escape Robotnik's forces multiple times. Despite this, he also has a strong sense of justice, working for the Resistance by destroying any Surveillance Bots he came across.[1]

Powers and abilities

Following his partial roboticization, Raphi was capable of limited martial arts using his robotic feet.[1]



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