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A chatty lady who loves gossip like you wouldn't believe. Even on the most uneventful day, she and her friend Dimah can find some new morsel to talk each other ears.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Raniya (ラニア Rania?) is a character that appears in Sonic Unleashed. She is a is a human resident of Shamar and Dimah's gossip partner.


Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, Raniya and Dimah met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip when they first arrived in Shamar. Upon meeting them, Raniya offered Sonic and Chip to answer any question they had. When Sonic asked what Shamar was like, Raniya told them about Shamar until Dimah mentioned the old ruins, to which Raniya noted that the old pillars there could crumble, and warned Sonic and Chip to watch out for them. As Dimah added that the pillars could crack without warning, Raniya noted that the pillars could come down as the wrath of heaven. When Sonic then asked about the people in Shamar, Raniya told them about how Shamar's people were worshipers of the moon and sun until Dimah mentioned Ara’s shop, to which Raniya noted Ara's high saleswoman skills. As Dimah then noted that Ara sells and buys like possessed, Raniya remarked that this was the reason why her shop was so profitable.

Later on, after Sonic had cleared up the enemies in Shamar and Empire City, Rainya and Dimah met Sonic and Chip again, who asked her where to go next. Raniya then suggested that they should see Professor Pickle fast for such answers, which Dimah made ask how fast. As Raniya told that she meant like a cannon ball out of a cannon, Dimah wondered if it would make Sonic look like a shooting star, which Raniya believed.

After Sonic and Chip restored Shamar's continent. Raniya learned about the earth's restoration. Afterwards, Raniya and Dimah met Sonic and Chip again, where Raniya commented them on their progress before Dimah asked her how it sounded like when the continent reconnected with the planet. Raniya replied that it sounded like a "BOOM" and "CRASH", but Dimah thought it would sound more like a "CRASH" and then "BOOM", but Raniya believed she was right. As Dimah then suggested to Sonic and Chip that they went seeing Professor Pickle, Raniya told Sonic to go there "Sonic fast".

Later on, Raniya heard that Sonic was going to Adabat. Shortly after, Rainya and Dimah met Sonic and Chip again, where Raniya told what she had heard that she had heard that they had a jungle, which she had never seen before, in Adabat, which were like a green oasis as big as a sea. Dimah then wondered if that was true, but Raniya confirmed it, though she remarked that it was much greener than a sea of date palms as Dimah thought.

After Sonic and Chip managed to restore Adabat's continent, Raniya somehow of Adabat's restoration and told Dimah of what she had heard. Dimah then asked her what the impact from Adabat's continent sounded like, and Raniya said it sounded like a "BOOM" and "CRASH", despite Dimah believing it sounded more like a "CRASH" and "BOOM". Raniya then noticed Sonic and Chip had arrived, and suggested that they should repport to Professor Pickle, where Dimah told Sonic and Chip to restore the planet with a "CRASH" and "BOOM", which made Raniya believe that Dimah could be right about the sound from the continental impact.

Later on, when Sonic and Chip were heading out to restore the final continent, Raniya met them again, where she told them that she looked forward to them restoring the planet with a "CRASH" and a "BOOM". As Dimah told Sonic destroy Badniks with a "BAM" and a "POW", Rainiya thought it would sound like a like a "KLANG" and a "KLONK". After Dimah agreed with her, Raniya added that it would sound like a "KER-PING" too.

Raniya later watched on in horror with the rest of her town as Dark Gaia began to cast the world into darkness while maturing into Perfect Dark Gaia, but rejoiced and talked to Ehsan as the world returned to normal following Perfect Dark Gaia's defeat at the hands of Super Sonic and the Gaia Colossus.

Wii/PlayStation 2

Raniya never made an in-game appearance on the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed. She did however appear during the pre-rendered cutscenes, where she and the rest of Shamar watched on in horror, as Dark Gaia began to cast the world into darkness, but rejoiced and talked to Ehsan as the world returned to normal following Perfect Dark Gaia's defeat at the hands of Super Sonic and the Gaia Colossus.


Raniya loves to chat and gossip about the day's events, especially with her good friend Dimah, though it often leads to rather long-winded conversations. Even on the most uneventful day, she can find some new morsel to talk about.


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