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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Before I met you, I didn't even think I was capable of real happiness. But that all changed when you walked into my life, and I ended up breaking the first rule of undercover work.
Which is?
Never fall in love.

— Randall Handel and Rachel, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)

Randall Handel is a character that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures and its spin-offs. He is a human and an agent of Guardian Units of Nations.

As a part of Operation: Catfish, Randall was arranged to marry Rachel as a part of G.U.N.'s plot to capture Sonic the Hedgehog. However, he ended up falling in love with Rachel. As such, when Randall's mission was seemingly accomplished, he chose Rachel over his duty when she and Maddie Wachowski ruined the operation, and so began an honest relationship with her.


Described as handsome-looking, Randall is a brown skinned human with black hair, a bald head, noticeable goatee-styled stubble, and brown eyes. For attire, he wears earrings in his ears and sometimes has a gray hat with a black band. His attired can also consist of a light pink shirt and a white jacket with a flower in its buttonhole.


Film series


Over the course of his life, Randall gathered a loyal group of friends, who became his life-long squad and helped him through life.

At some point, Randall joined the ranks of G.U.N., which was formed to protect the Earth from alien threats following the recent events in San Francisco. As a part of Operation: Catfish, an operation arranged by G.U.N. to capture Sonic the Hedgehog, Randall began a relationship with Rachel, Maddie Wachowski's sister and one of Sonic's human sympathizers, in order to get closer to Sonic. However, Randall eventually broke the first rule of undercover work by truly falling in love with Rachel. After agreeing to marry each other, they arranged their wedding to be in Hawaii, where Sonic was to be captured by G.U.N. if he showed up.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Coming to Hawaii with Rachel, Randall met Tom Wachowski after he and Maddie came to attend their wedding. Deciding to play a joke on Tom, Randall pretended to be rather upset at Tom for what he did to Rachel back in San Francisco and began to threaten him, before dropping his mask and joyously admitting his joke. However, he told Tom that Rachel did not care for him at all and suggested that he should work on that. Not long after, Randall and his life-long squad had a volleyball match with Tom and his team, which they easily won. Despite this, Randal remained on good terms with Tom and told him about his squad before promising to attend some other extreme activities with him later.

At his and Rachel's wedding ceremony, Randal had a bi-plane fly by the ceremony with a banner paying tribute to them, just before taking the marriage vow. Just as he was about to put what he thought to be Rachel's wedding ring on however, Tom intruded on the ceremony and demanded the ring. However, Randall could not decide who to listen to. When he was about to put the ring on Rachel's finger, Tom punched him in the face, took the Ring and opened a portal to Siberia with it. As Sonic came through the portal with Tails and a piece of an avalanche that buried the ceremony, Randall would help Rachel out of the snow. As the G.U.N. agents at the wedding proceeded to drop their cover and capture Sonic, Randall was forced to reveal his affiliation with G.U.N. when Commander Walters made his entrance. Randall tried to apologize to Rachel, who was notably upset at him for having faked their wedding. Luckily for Randall, Rachel was restrained before she could attack him. Afterward, Randall restrained Tom when he tried to forcefully free Sonic. After Sonic, Tails and Tom had been escorted to their detainment area though, Randall felt guilty over deceiving Rachel. As Randall tried having a roast with Walters however, a G.U.N. agent dropped down from the sky, telling them that they were under attack. Rachel then arrived in a golf cart, nearly driving over both Randall and Walters. Despite facing Rachel's fury, Randall was impressed by her guts and fire. When Walters held Rachel at gunpoint with a taser handgun however, Randall took the shock for Rachel when Walters fired it. After Rachael had then forced Walters into surrendering with one of Tails' gadgets, she asked Randall if their love was ever real, to which Randall confessed that he truly loved her, prompting them to reconcile and kiss.


A high-spirited fellow, Randall is playful and enjoys playing small pranks on people and tough physical activities. Underneath his fun-loving side though, he is also a kind, polite and sociable man who easily gets along with other people, whom he will offer a casual fist bump or a chill nickname. Also, despite being quite handsome and athletic, Randall is a humble man who believes strongly in the strength of friendship, having admitted that he would never have made it through life without help from his friends. For all his positivity though, he never believed himself capable of loving someone else. That changed however after he met Rachel.

While an undercover federal agent, where deceit is the name of the game, Randall is not without a conscience; after having deceived his love Rachel into a wedding set up for his superiors, he would feel extremely guilty over what he did to Rachel. This guilt prompts him to try and be honest whenever he can and make up for his mistakes. He is also not a brute, only resorting to physical force to retrain others and avoid unnecessary violence.

Powers and abilities

While not superhuman, Randall is in peak physical condition. In addition to being quite athletic, he can recover rather fast from a punch to the face and is able to physically restrain even Tom Wachowski.



Rachel is Randall's love interest. Although he was only supposed to use Rachel as a part of Operation: Catfish for the goal of capturing Sonic, Randal ended up falling genuinely in love with her, which proved to him that he was capable of loving someone else. That love prompted him to apologize to Rachel for deceiving her and made him feel extremely guilty over his actions despite being a professional government agent. Even when faced with Rachel's fury, Randall's feelings for her only grew stronger upon seeing her determination, backbone and inner fire. Eventually, Randall even took an electric shock from a taser to protect Rachel.

Tom Wachowski

Professionally speaking, Randall held no personal resentment against Tom Wachowski despite him being one of Sonic's human sympathizers. When they first met, Randall tried to win over Tom with a joke by pretending to be furious at him for what he did to Rachel in San Francisco and threatening to tear him apart, which initially unnerved Tom until Randall dropped his façade. After that, they became good friends. Even after Randall beat Tom severely in volleyball, they would remain on good terms. However, they good relationship went down the drain after Tom punched Randall and learned he was federal agent out to capture Sonic. Even so, when Tom began attacking G.U.N. agents to save Sonic, Randall quickly overpowered him, not wanting him to make the situation worse.






Sonic the Hedgehog 2