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Rainy Savanna

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Rainy Savanna is a course that appears in Sonic Drift 2. It is a racing track located on a savannah that is cloaked in perpetual rainfall. It is the second course in the White Chaos GP.


The overall setting for Rainy Savannah is that of an open green savannah at nighttime, apparently during a monsoon season. The region here is a completely flat and open grass area with only a few trees dotting the landscape, and the sky above it is completely overcast by pitch-black rain clouds that are constantly giving off rain and lightning. Also, in the background, the are a large mountain range which is constantly lit up by lightning.

The racing tracks through Rainy Savannah are checkerboard patterned in different shades of brown with lime green and black striped edges. Occasionally, the road of the racetrack is completely waterlogged in huge puddles of rainwater. On the sides of the tracks are there also occasionally azure Umbrella thorns.


In Rainy Savannah, the player's objective is to get the top position in the race. Racing outside the border of the asphalt track will cause the player to lose speed immediately. Additionally, the Umbrella thorns on the outside of the racetracks will cause the playable characters to come to an immediately stop and lose a Ring if they collide with them.

Occasionally on the racetrack, there are small puddles of water and bigger puddles covering the entire width. While driving through the bigger ones does not do anything, driving through the smaller Puddles will cause the player to spin out of control. Additionally, there will also every fifth or sixth second be peels of lightning that make the screen go white momentarily, similar to the Flash.


In Rainy Savannah, the player races on a linear racing track encompassing the entire map. Additionally, the racing track is littered with different power-ups and objects that the player can utilize. Here, the player's objective is to reach the end of the racetrack. The fastest racer to complete this race is rewarded with a Chaos Emerald.

Chaos GP
Map Power-ups and obstacles
Rings Dash Jump Mine Invincible Springs Flash Reverse
White RS 12 0 0 4 3 5 0 0

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