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The only gear with unlimited gear changes. This single gear can rule any terrain!

— Description, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity[1]

The Rainbow (レインボー Reinbō?) is a Board type Extreme Gear that appears in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It can perform Gear Change an unlimited number of times in a race.


According to its profile, the Rainbow has the potential for unlimited Gear Changes, allowing it to work in any terrain. It can be purchased at the shop for 9,999 Rings.

The Rainbow, like most other Board type Extreme Gears in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, has a distinct board-like shape, but is much thicker and smoother than the Board types in Sonic Riders. The central section of the Rainbow is a straight figure, with two circular cyan foot panels on the top and a black area between them. On the front it has the half of a large ring-shaped tube, with green exhaust ports on the back points, attached, and around the rear it has a rectangular curve.

True to its name, the Rainbow is a very colorful Extreme Gear, possessing red, blue, green and yellow highlights on its front and on its rear curve, and a blue area on the foremost front. It also have two light blue circular foot panels on the top surface of its central body.

Abilities and traits

As a Board type Extreme Gear in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, the Rainbow is well-balanced in its basic attributes with average statistics, and is suited for general riding.

Unlike most other Extreme Gears in the game, which can only activate their Gear Parts once, the Rainbow lets the player activate all its Gear Parts an unlimited number of times. However, it cannot activate the same Gear Part twice in a row. Also, because the Rainbow has Gear Parts that lets it to transform into either a Board (with Grind) type Extreme Gear, Air Ride type Extreme Gear or Bike type Extreme Gear, whose abilities together can handle any obstacles or access any shortcuts on the tracks, the Rainbow grants the player greater versatility than any other Extreme Gear in the game. As a drawback, however, any Gravity Points the Rainbow earns from performing Tricks or accessing shortcuts are halved.




Gear Parts

Name Icon Description Requirements
Grind Grind Icon.png Allows the Rainbow to grind in Grind Areas. 40 Rings
Air Ride Air Ride Icon.png Turns the Rainbow into an Air Ride type Extreme Gear,
allowing it to glide through the air and Dash Rings.
60 Rings
Bike Bike Icon.png Turns the Rainbow into a Bike type Extreme Gear,
allowing it to crash through obstacles without slowing down.
80 Rings


  • The Rainbow is the most expensive Extreme Gear in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.
  • This is one of the Extreme Gears that doesn't earn GP from performing tricks when setting the GP earning to "low" in a free race.
  • Like the Omnitempus, the Rainbow can use all three basic skills. However, the Rainbow can switch between Gear Parts an unlimited number of times, though at greater costs, while the Omnitempus can only activate its Gear Parts once, but at a lesser price.



  1. Official in-game description.

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