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Tails' Skypatrol
RailCanyon Area

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RailCanyon Area (レールキャニオンエリア Rēru'kyanion Eria?) is the first area of Tails' Skypatrol.


This rocky area plays host to stout pine forests and, of course, Witchcart's beloved railway tracks. Robotic Tobikoshi crows flap between the trees, dive-bombing Tails maliciously as Dorigame turtle-bots shuffle along the ground and lob energy spheres.



The boss, Focke-Wulf

Focke-Wulf is a blue male anthropomorphic wolf henchman of Witchcart, the main villain of Tails' Skypatrol. He rides a flying motorbike. Focke-Wulf is the first boss of the game, fighting Tails in RailCanyon Area, the first (genuine) level. He fights by throwing grenades at Tails, which explode into four pieces on impact.

He appears to be named after Focke-Wulf, a German company known for manufacturing military aircraft for the Luftwaffe during the Second World War.



Name Artist Length Music Track
Railcanyon Area Chikayo Fukuda, Kazunechan 0:51
Railcanyon area

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