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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

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Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice
Ragna Rock

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Ragna Rock is the sixth level in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (and the last in story mode). It is a mythical island on earth where a rare mineral called Ragnium can be found.[1] After discovering Ragnium, Dr. Eggman established a mining operation on the island to harness the mineral for one of his plans. This mine was destroyed during a climatic battle between D-Fekt and Team Sonic.


Ragna Rock's World Map, from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

Ragna Rock is an island of contrasting climates. Overall, it is a barren rock with no organic life and active volcanos with lava veins everywhere. However, the sea and miniature volcanoes at the coast are frozen. The island also hosts mining equipment, carts and mines loaded with Ragnium.


When Ragna Rock was discovered by Dr. Eggman, the doctor began mining it for its resources of the supercharged Ragnium element to power his robots while piping off the messy by-products from the operations to the adjacent islands, creating fissures that damaged the environment with Fire and Ice pollution.[1]

Eventually, Team Sonic found their way to Ragna Rock to stop the fissures at their source. With the heroes having sealed up so many fissures, however, Ragna Rock was on the brink of exploding from the pressure. Discovering Team Sonic, Eggman ordered his robots to destroy them. Wishing only to please his master, Eggman's rejected mining bot D-Fekt complied and used his magnetic powers to build himself up. However, in his eagerness, D-Fekt began tearing Eggman's Ragnium mine apart and crushing Eggman himself against a cave wall, prompting Eggman to plea for Team Sonic's help.

Taking D-Fekt on, Sonic and Sticks defeated the robot, although Eggman's Ragnium mine was destroyed beyond salvation. Feeling obligated to show appreciated toward Team Sonic for saving his life, Eggman reluctantly gave the beaten D-Fekt, whom Eggman apologize to for all his mistreatment, to the heroes as thanks (which Sticks greatly appreciated). Tails then made D-Fekt completely harmless. With all said and done, Eggman left to review his insurance while Team Sonic headed home.


Unlike most of the levels in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Ragna Rock possesses no adventure levels or unique gimmicks. Instead, the level is dedicated solely to the game's classic bonus levels, each with different gameplay mechanics, and the final boss.


Warriors Wasteland

Warriors Wasteland is the Bot Racing minigame of Ragna Rock where Sonic or a Bot Racer competes in a circuit race against Eggman-bot on Thunder Island. It becomes available after unlocking Ragna Rock and is immediately entered when arriving on Ragna Rock's World Map for the first time. To clear it, the player must complete three laps before Eggman-bot.

To win the race, the player must use Boost Pads and use Fire and Ice Mode to melt or create paths for themself. Here, red panels, flamethrowers, and spikes serve as ground obstacles. Notably, IN this minigame, the player has to make use of all the skills they have learned from earlier Bot Racing minigames.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Win race in 02:40 min Ragnium
Win race with 200 Rings Ragnium

Deep Sea Dive

Deep Sea Dive is a bonus level where the player must navigate an undersea section with mines and breakable obstacles in the Sea Fox and find the two Trading Cards within the level in time. It becomes available after clearing Warriors Wasteland.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Clear level in 01:10 min Ragnium

Perilous Chute

Main article: Fissure Tunnel

Perilous Chute is a bonus level where the player must race to the end of an obstacle course while dealing with fire and ice elements. It becomes available after clearing Warriors Wasteland.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 01:55 min Ragnium
Reach goal with 200 Rings Ragnium

Wave Rider

Wave Rider is a bonus level where the player must clear an iceberg passage filled with destructible ice bergs, indestructible mines and whirlpools in the Hovercraft and collect the Trading Card at the end in time. It becomes available after clearing Warriors Wasteland.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 01:00 min Ragnium

Double Trouble

Main article: Double Trouble#Battle

In this level, the player encounters Double Trouble, a dragon of ice and lava brought to life by D-Fekt, which serves as the fourth and final boss of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. It becomes available after clearing Warriors Wasteland. For this boss battle, the player controls Sonic and Sticks.

During the first phase of the fight, the player controls Sticks, who has to avoid flaming rocks thrown from the sky and destroy larger boulders with her Boomerang. Eventually, the player can damage Double Trouble by by hitting its tail when it appears using the appropriate elemental mode. During the second phase of the battle, the player switches to Sonic. Here, Double Trouble spits out flaming rocks faster, but loses the ability to create larger boulders. Instead though, he gains a new attack where he drops a ball of fire and ice into the arena, which explodes and spreads shockwaves across the arena. After six hits, Double Trouble will be defeated. After defeating this boss, the player will have cleared the game.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Clear boss in 04:30 min Ragnium
Clear boss with 20 Rings Ragnium


  • The island's name is a play on the word "Ragnarok", a series of future events in Norse mythology that foretells the destruction of the gods and of all things in a final battle with the evil powers.
  • Ragna Rock is the only level in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice where the player is immediately sent into a level upon first arriving on the World Map.
  • The music for the Ragna Rock world map is a remix of the music heard in Sunset Town from Sonic the Fighters.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
N/A (World Map) Richard Jacques 1:02


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