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Giant magical blooms that shoot seeds at Sonic.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia

The Rafflesia Djinn[1] (ラフレシア・ジン[2] Rafureshia jin?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is a flower-based djinn breed originating from the world of the Arabian Nights and some of the Erazor Djinn's henchmen.


The Rafflesia Djinns look similar to giant carnations with a head in the center where the bud would be. Their heads are round and black with yellow drawings on forming a face, Around each eye they have purple shading. Around their neck they have six violet and yellow petals with cerise edges. They also have a green stern with six smaller green and yellow leaves close to their head and a red gem on the bottom.


A Rafflesia Djinn throwing a seed bullet.

The Rafflesia Djinns are outwardly diverse in origin, but they all share the common characteristic of being driven to madness during the events of the game. Supposedly, some were regular inhabitants,[3] others were evil spirits sealed away long ago by King Solomon,[4] and more were created by the Erazor Djinn from the words he carved out of the Arabian Nights.[5][6] Regardless, they were all recruited into Erazor's personal army and used to attack the world of the Arabian Nights in his search for the World Rings.

The Rafflesia Djinns appear exclusively in Dinosaur Jungle. In gameplay, they remain in stationary positions where they shoot seed-like bombs at Sonic, which the player can intercept in midair with the Homing Attack. These djinns can as well fold up their buds to block Sonic's attacks. Unlike most enemies, touching these djinns normally will not hurt the player. The player has to hit the Rafflesia Djinns three times when their flower is open to defeat them, and when they are, they release Pearls.

Powers and abilities

The Rafflesia Djinn are able to fire large, brown seed bullets from their mouth.


  • The Rafflesia Djinn is named after the Rafflesia, a genus of parasitic flowering plants known for their large petals and their foul odor that smells like rotting flesh which has earned them the nickname "corpse flower" or "meat flower."



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