The Radial Burst is a move that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is a technique used by Speed-Type characters in cars to defend themselves against enemy Wisps and repel nearby enemy vehicles.


The Radial Burst is a maneuver that can only be pulled off by Speed-Type characters (such as Sonic and Shadow) while they drive a race car. When performing the Radial Burst, the user emanates a blast that will destroy any incoming Wisp attacks from rival car racers.

In gameplay, the Radial Burst is used by the player to intercept offensive Wisp power-ups from rival racers or push away close rivals. In order to perform the Radial Burst, the player must achieve at least a level 2 boost (this occurs when the charges behind the playable character's car turns purple). This can either be done by hitting two Boost Pads in a row or by charging and releasing a drift boost to at least level two. Afterward, as the boost initiates, the Radial Burst will automatically activate, destroying all incoming Orange Rocket and Crimson Eagle power-ups and pushing away all rivals caught in the blast.

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