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The main event of Race Day.

Quotation1 It's been a long, arduous eight months of process, but the permits have been issued, and Race Day is finally upon us! Quotation2
Soar the Eagle, "If You Build It They Will Race"

Race Day[1] is an event that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a day authorized by Hedgehog Village for an anything-goes race that was started by Team Sonic to settle an internal competition of theirs. The event drew in a few shady competitors, including Dr. Eggman, but ultimately ended in Sonic the Hedgehog's victory.


Race Day is a public event whose main (and only) attraction is an automobile race which is open for everyone to participate in. This race is solely for cars, meaning hover vehicles are prohibited. The race starts out in the Village Center, follows the public roads around Seaside Island, and leads back to the Village Center, with the starting line serving as the finish line.[1]

Before the race, all participants line up some distance away from the starting line. Once the flag marshal gives the signal, the participants must run to their cars, start them up, and begin racing. Other than that, there are no rules, meaning that any trick, dirty or otherwise, are allowed while racing. However, this also makes the race highly unsafe to compete in. After the race, each participant receives a participation trophy, with no distinguished award being offered to the winner.[1]


TV series

Season two

The genesis of Race Day occurred when Team Sonic wanted to settle which one of their brand-new race cars was the best with a car race. Since they wanted to race on public roads however, Mayor Fink informed them that using the roads for this demanded by law that they made their competition an official event. Team Sonic thus had to go through eight months of paperwork, taxes and permits that turned their private race into what would become Race Day.[1]

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Race Day underway.

When Race Day arrived, several other locals had joined Team Sonic in their competition, including Dr. Eggman. Both regular folks and aristocrats were among the spectators, the mayor served as the flag marshal, and the event was covered on TV by Soar the Eagle. When the race began, Sonic took the lead, with the rest following suit (except Leroy the Turtle). However, the race quickly became an all-out brawl: T.W. Barker crashed due to a ketchup splash planted by Dave (who used secret shortcuts), Knuckles crashed into a tree, Dave got pushed off the road by Sonic, Amy accidentally took herself out when taking Sticks out, Tails' vehicle crashed when one of its gadgets backfired, and Sonic crashed after getting blinded by Eggman. Believing his victory was ensured, Eggman stopped before the finish line to do a victory parade. However, Team Sonic put their competitive streak aside and assembled a car with parts from their own which Sonic used to catch up to Eggman and win the race. At the end of Race Day, all the racers got their participation trophies, much to Sonic's annoyance.[1]

List of participants

Participants Place
Sonic the Hedgehog Winner
Dr. Eggman Runner-up
Leroy the Turtle Third place
Amy Rose Eliminated
Dave the Intern Eliminated
Knuckles the Echidna Eliminated
Miles "Tails" Prower Eliminated
Sticks the Badger Eliminated
T.W. Barker Eliminated


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