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Beat your rivals to the finish line!

— In-game description, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Race is one of the types of events featured in the World Tour of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.


The selection screen of a race seen in Superstar Showdown.

Race is the most frequently-appearing event in the World Tour in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is a standard all-against-all race to the finish, which ends after three laps. On the route there are Boost Pads and Item Boxes, the latter of which the player can obtain power-ups from to facilitate their victory. The player's goal is to take first place, and to complete a Race event, the player must simply reach the finish line.

The player can choose the level of difficulty (C for Easy, B for Medium, A for Hard, and S for Expert). The higher the level, the more stars the player will receive for their victory (from 1 for Easy to 4 for Expert).

To succeed in Rank C or B difficulties, the player must finish at least at third place, whereas to succeed in Rank A or S difficulties, the player must finish at first place.

Race can also be played in multiplayer modes.


Sunshine Coast

Map icon Track Name
Sunshinemission1.png Ocean View Coastal Cruise
Sunshinemission2.png Dragon Canyon Canyon Carnage
Sunshinemission4.png Carrier Zone Battlezone Blast
Sunshine6.png Temple Trouble Monkey Mayhem
Sunshine8.png Galactic Parade Starry Speedway

Frozen Valley

Map icon Track Name
Frozen1.png Samba Studios Studio Scurry
Frozen4.png Chilly Castle Snowball Shakedown
Frozen5.png Rogue's Landing Pirate Plunder
Frozen7.png Seasonal Shrines Shinobi Scramble
Frozen8.png Graffiti City Graffiti Groove

Scorching Skies

Map icon Track Name
Scorch1.png Adder's Lair Adder Assault
Scorch3.png Dream Valley Dreamy Drive
Scorch7.png Sanctuary Falls Sanctuary Speedway

Twilight Engine

Map icon Track Name
Twlight1.png Graveyard Gig Undertaker Overtaker
Twirangers.png Burning Depths Racing Rangers

Moonlight Park

Map icon Track Name
Moon10.jpg Race of Ages Arcade Annihilation

Superstar Showdown

Map icon Track Name
Star4.jpg Graffiti City Tokyo Takeover

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