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The RC Vehicles are objects that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are remote-controlled devices made by Tails via Materials to help Sonic the Hedgehog get through Zones faster and/or defeat Badniks. They can be made and used in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World through Tails' Lab and can even be transferred into the Wii U version of the game. An alternate method of obtaining them is by completing various in-level missions.

RC Vehicles come in a variety of shapes and appearances, but most of them are based on airplanes. The RC Vehicles can appear if a second player participates in gameplay along with the first player (who controls Sonic). Each vehicle has five levels, with each level increasing its ability and durability.

List of RC Vehicles


A Normal Helicopter helping Sonic.

The most basic of the RC Vehicles, Helicopters help the player by dropping a bomb underneath them, destroying any nearby Badniks. Once the bomb hits the surface, the RC Vehicle disappears, requiring the player to use another one if they want to use the effect again. The variants of Helicopter RC Vehicles are mostly camouflage-based.

Fighter Jet

Main article: Fighter Jet

A Normal Fighter Jet helping Sonic.

Essentially an "upgrade" to the helicopter RC Vehicles, Fighter Jets are more advanced compared to the Helicopter. When the plane is near enemies, it will shoot missiles at the target. After fifteen missiles are launched, the RC Vehicle disappears. The variants of Fighter Jet RC Vehicles are mostly bird-based.

Stealth Jet

Main article: Stealth Jet

A Giraffe Stealth Jet helping Sonic.

Stealth Jets are the best RC Vehicles if a player is struggling to finish a zone. When used, the player will turn invisible to all enemies. After twenty seconds, or if the player gets hit by a badnik, the Stealth Jet RC Vehicle disappears. Most variants of Stealth Jet RC Vehicles are based on camouflage-styled animals.


A Whale Hovercraft helping Sonic.

Hovercrafts are RC Vehicles that the player can ride on across the zone to avoid tricky paths or enemy hordes. If the player drops on the ground or uses the Hovercraft for thirty seconds, the Hovercraft will disappear. Most variants of the Hovercraft RC Vehicles are based on marine animals.


Main article: Balloon (RC Vehicle)

A Ballon RC Vehicle helping Sonic.

Balloons are RC Vehicles that are similar to the Hovercraft RC Vehicles, in that these RC Vehicles can be used to lift Sonic into the air while letting him avoiding enemies, bottomless pits, or other dangerous obstacles. The variants of Balloon RC Vehicles are mostly based on pastries and treats.


Main article: UFO (RC Vehicle)

A Kiwi UFO helping Sonic.

UFOs are useful for more precise platforming. When activated, UFO RC Vehicles will slow down the player's jump for about ten seconds. After being used for that time (or if the player does not jump) the UFO RC Vehicle will disappear. The variants of UFO RC Vehicles are mostly based on fruits.


Main article: Omochao (RC Vehicle)

The different Omochao RC Vehicles.

Omochao RC Vehicles are small robot drones based on the character of the same name. It can be used to collect various items that Sonic can collect, including 1-Ups, Rings, and Item Boxes. Most variants of the Omochao RC Vehicles are based on other characters.

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