The Quick Reverse[1] is a move that appears in Sonic Advance 2. It refers to a set of Mid-Air Trick Actions used to halt the user in midair.


When performing the Quick Reverse, the user performs an acrobatic maneuver in midair that causes them to stop and lurk backwards a few feet, thereby rapidly changing the user's flight direction. How this acrobatic maneuver is executed depends on the user.

In gameplay, the Quick Reverse is quite useful when the playable character is heading for obstacles or is about to have an awkward landing. Additionally, the move will not cancel the momentum the player receives from the Boost Mode. However, it normally leaves the users vulnerable to anything behind them. Depending on the user, the Quick Reverse may have other traits to it. To use the Quick Reverse in gameplay, the player must press the R Button after being launched into midair by gimmicks, like Springs or Ramps.

List of Quick Reverse maneuvers


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