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When flying, hold the A Button GameCube v2 Button down to ascend, and press the A Button GameCube v2 Button repeatedly to ascend quickly.

Rouge the Bat, Sonic Heroes (Nintendo GameCube)

The Quick Ascent[1] is a Fly Formation move that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is used by Miles "Tails" Prower on Team Sonic, Rouge the Bat on Team Dark, Cream the Rabbit on Team Rose, and Charmy Bee on Team Chaotix. When using this move, the Fly type member briefly dashes upwards while flying.


When using the Quick Ascent, the Fly type member of the team performs a sudden dash upwards when using Ascending Flight while the rest of their team hangs on to them. While doing that, the Fly type member is surrounded by their respective aura.

In the gameplay of Sonic Heroes, the Quick Ascent allows the player to get higher into the air faster when using Ascending Flight, though the player cannot go any higher than the maximum flying height. Additionally, the Quick Ascent doubles as a quick attack on enemies; if coming into contact with enemies during the Quick Ascent, the enemies will be stunned, and hit airborne enemies will drop to the ground, similar to Thunder Shoot.

To perform Quick Ascent in gameplay, the player has to press A Button GameCube v2/Cross/XboxA while using Ascending Flight.





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