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Queen Vulpecula from Sonic the Comic #30. Art by Casanovas and John M. Burns.

Queen Vulpecula Huntar is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is the goblin queen of Castle Morbidden, in the north of the Nameless Zone. She has a brother named Prince Catalus, who resents her constant orders,[1] and a rat adviser named Liemould.[2]


Vulpecula once had Catalus bring her a couple of foxes named Jimmy and Jilly for her to hunt, but they were rescued by Tails and escaped using Catalus' own flying ship.[1][3]


Vulpecula enjoys hunting foxes, often capturing some from the kingdom to the south and then chasing them through the corridors of her castle.


  • The word "vulpecula" is Latin for "little fox". Her full name, Vulpecula Huntar, therefore means "hunter of little foxes", suiting her role.
    • Vulpecula is also a constellation in the northern sky.


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