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The Queen Bee from Sonic the Comic #91. Art by Roberto Corona and colouring by John Burns.

The Queen Bee is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is the ruler of the Hive and the mother of Charmy Bee in the continuity of Fleetway Editions' Sonic the Comic.


The Queen allowed Charmy to join the Chaotix Crew, as long as he promised to stay in touch and someday return to the Hive to fulfill his princely duties. However, Charmy ended up having so much fun with Chaotix that he didn't want to return, and frequently neglected to visit or call.[1] When the other members of Chaotix were captured by the Fundamental Four, Charmy returned to the Hive[2] and the Queen allowed him to borrow a large number of her workers. One of the workers said Charmy was lucky that she did, because he had not returned home in months.[3]

For many more months, Charmy again did not contact home, leaving the Queen to worry after him. Eventually, she decreed that he had broken his promise and sent two of her soldiers to bring Charmy back to the Hive. They brought Charmy before the Queen, along with Sonic who had reluctantly agreed to speak on Charmy's behalf. The Queen wanted Charmy to stay in the Hive to fulfil his responsibilities as a member of the Royal Family, but the Hive was suddenly attacked by Vesper and his Wasp Marauders.[1] When news arrived that the wasps had broken through the defences into the Hive itself, the Queen's adviser suggested that she should leave the Hive at once, but she refused. She seemed completely unwilling to accept that Vesper's troops were winning, even when Vesper himself entered her throne room. Nevertheless, Charmy was able to convince her to formally surrender the Hive, believing that Sonic had a plan. When the Wasps gathered at one of the Hive's entrance tunnels for the formal surrender, Sonic used his super speed to run around the inside of the tunnel, creating a vortex that flushed the Wasps out into the Special Zone.

Once the Hive was secured, the Queen thanked Sonic and told him he would always be welcome in the Hive. She still insisted that Charmy remain behind in the Hive, until Charmy pointed out that, according to the Hive's laws, any outsider who saved the Hive was allowed to ask for whatever he wanted. Sonic (again, reluctantly), asked for Charmy to be allowed to return to the Chaotix Crew, and the Queen permitted it.[4]


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