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Quake Cave

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Quake Cave is a course that appears in Sonic Drift 2. It is a racing track located in an elaborate and unstable underground tunnel. It is the second course in the Blue Chaos GP.


Quake Cave is nearly identical to Mystic Cave in terms of appearance. The entire racing track takes place inside a long tunnel stretching underneath the bottom of a deep, ravaged and pitch-black gorge filled with geological activity. The tunnel that the racing track goes through is rectangular in shape, with brown walls, roof and floor, and stripes of red lights running along the tunnel at both the upper and lower corners. While the tunnel is usually cloaked in darkness, it is lit up for a certain distance by the lights from the racers' cars.


In Quake Cave, the player's objective is to get the top position in the race. When making contact with the walls of the tunnel, by moving to the outermost edge of the racetrack, it will cause the player to slow down.

Occasionally, there are orange stalagmites on the road. Colliding with them head-on will cause the player to slow down significantly, spin out of control and lose a Ring, though grazing them will only slow down the player slightly. In addition, there are rocks that will cascade down from the ceiling in some places, which can cause the player to slow down or spin out of control if they hit him/her. These rocks be avoided by moving to the sides. Also, earthquakes will occasionally occur, which will judder the screen and make the player lose control.


In Quake Cave, the player races on a linear racing track encompassing the entire map. Additionally, the racing track is littered with different power-ups and objects that the player can utilize. Here, the player's objective is to reach the end of the racetrack. The fastest racer to complete this race is rewarded with a Chaos Emerald.

Chaos GP
Map Power-ups and obstacles
Rings Dash Jump Mine Invincible Springs Flash Reverse
White QC 15 0 0 3 2 0 0 0


Name Artist Length Music Track
N/A Masayuki Nagao, Saori Kobayashi 0:45
Quake cave drift
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