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Pyramid Race is one of the two "Level One" 2 player Shooting Battle levels in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (the other being Deck Race. The level takes place at Hidden Base, where the players must race each other to the Goal Ring.


The Pyramid Race is a race between players down a course to the Goal Ring. The course is filled with obstacles that make it difficult to progress forward.

The difference between this race and other challenges for Shooting Battle is that the players do not have any Life Gauge, meaning they cannot be defeated when taking damage, and the only way to win is by reaching the Goal Ring before the other instead of fighting each other to the finish.


The players start out on a long path leading towards the pyramid in Hidden Base, where they make their way past walls that can be destroyed with the Volkan Cannon and Lock-On Missile. However, the walls hide obstacles like iron balls and backward-facing Dash Panels. After passing the first wall-breaking section and entering an open area, the players will arrive at another, except that this one might hide walls of Unbreakable Containers or rows of iron balls, making the passage through it similar to a labyrinth. At the end, the players have to pass a field covered with Springs leading into iron balls floating above and Dash Panels that will push the players into the Springs, before getting to the Goal Ring.

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