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Pyjamas from Sonic the Comic #94. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

Pyjamas is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is a female sheepdog from the Metropolis Zone. She is a psychic and is best friends with Ebony.


Pyjamas is a light brown sheepdog with white hair. She typically wears a pink top and yellow trousers.


Pyjamas helps her friend Ebony run her coffee shop, The Groovy Train, although Ebony sometimes thinks Pyjamas' visions will scare away her customers.[1] With Ebony, Pyjamas attended the protest in the Metropolis Zone park in order to protect the Ancient Trees, and she (vaguely) foresaw the arrival of Knuckles the Echidna.[2] She also predicted (this time correctly) that the protesters would soon be running through a gigantic forest.[3]

Some time later, Pyjamas predicted that a great evil was going to arrive at the coffee bar but was doubted by Ebony. This turned out to be one of her few accurate predictions as Super Sonic came there seeking a job. As opposed to Ebony's over-trusting nature Pyjamas didn't trust him at all and made her opinion very clear on this.[1] She performed a "Mind Link" with Super Sonic and saw visions of his evil past, which caused her great pain and revived Super Sonic's memories. After he refused to put the world at risk by using his powers again Pyjamas realised that he had changed and accepted him as a friend.[4]

Later it was Pyjamas's cautious nature and psychic powers that saved Super Sonic from his evil side after he used his powers to save a train full of people; while Ebony managed to temporarily immobilise Super Sonic with a spell that created an illusionary world, Pyjamas performed another Mind Link with Super Sonic that erased his recent memories and thus prevented him from being aware that he had turned evil again. During their outings she often had to remind Ebony about using his name too often while they were in public. Since Pyjamas did not appear in the final story it would be a safe bet that she stayed to watch The Groovy Train while the other two searched for the Chaos Energy.

Powers and abilities

She has some limited psychic talent and frequently has visions, although she has little to no control over them and they are very rarely accurate. For example, she foresaw the arrival of Knuckles riding a pterodactyl as "a tiny winged creature" like a butterfly.[2] Regardless, she is aware that her premonitions are not often right.[4]

She also has the ability to perform a 'Mind Link' with other people.[5]



Pyjamas' appearances in Sonic the Hedgehog #134, from page 11 (left) and page 19 (right). Art by Jon Gray, inks by Michael Higgins and colors by Jason Jensen.


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