Quotation1 Chase down the tank and destroy it! Quotation2
— In-game description, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Pursuit is one of the event types featured in the World Tour of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.



Sonic battling a Cadet Tank

Pursuit is an event which the player participates in alone. The goal of this event is to destroy a tank which the player will be pursuing around the race track. In order to destroy this tank, the player must collect Ammo from along the route, which are aligned in rows similar to Item Boxes. A single piece of Ammo provides the player with three pieces of ammunition. Though the player can stack up these Ammo power-ups, The player can only carry up to nine Ammos at a time. The player is advised to fire their ammunition projectiles straight into the tank, because they do not bounce off walls like the Firework. At the same time, the tank can launch its own attacks at the playable character. It is best that the player avoids these attacks, as they have their own Health Gauge to worry about; for every attack from the tank that connects with the playable character, the energy bar in the player's Health Gauge will decrease. If the player's health gauge empties completely, they will be eliminated and the event will be lost. As a remedy for that, the player can restore some of their Health Gauge by collecting hearts that are placed on the race track. The tank's own durability is displayed by the circular Health Gauge on top of the screen's HUD. This Health Gauge will decrease every time the tank gets shot by the player. After receiving a certain amount of damage however, the tank will start to short circuit before changing its attack pattern. In order to win the Pursuit event, the player must empty the tank's Health Gauge, which will lead to its destruction.

In Pursuit events, the following items appear:

Image Name Description
Heartpursiut Heart This items restores some of the player's Health Gauge when obtained.
Ammo This item allows the player to aim and shoot the Tank. Each Ammo item collected contains three rockets which can all be shot at once or individually. A maximum of nine rockets can be stored at a time. The rockets themselves fly in a straight line.

In addition to the items, the tank itself has three phases that it switches over to after receiving enough damage. Each phase is more difficult than the last and changes the attack patterns of the tank.

Image Phase Description
TSR Pursuit Screen 1 1 In the first phase, the tank is blue and will deploy green bombs on the race track that stand still. It can set these bombs in different formations and in varying amounts. However, the player can use their Ammo to destroy these bombs. Also, occasionally, the tank will stop deploying bombs and open up a flap on its front. By shooting the spot the flap was protecting, the player can deal extra damage to the tank.
TSR Pursuit Screen 2 2 In the second phase, the tank turns yellow-orange and will begin shoots orange rockets that fly in straight lines. These rockets are fired one by one, but on different lanes down the race track and in different frequencies. However, the player can use their Ammo to destroy these rockets. Also, occasionally, the tank will stop shooting rockets and open up a flap on its front. By shooting the spot the flap was protecting, the player can deal extra damage to the tank.
TSR Pursuit Screen 3 3 In the third phase, the tank turns red and will have its flap raised all the time. Occasionally, the tank will also deploy violet barriers on the road that the player has to go around or destroy with their Ammo. When attempting to do the former, the barriers will always leave a narrow opening on their sides or in-between them that the player can slip through. The tank can be destroyed in this phase.

The player can choose the level of difficulty (C for Easy, B for Medium, A for Hard, and S for Expert). The higher the level, the more stars the player will receive for their victory (from 1 for Easy to 4 for Expert). For every difficulty level, the tank becomes stronger and plants more bombs, as seen below:

Difficulty Type of Tank
Easy Cadet Tank
Medium Enforcer Tank
Hard Veteran Tank
Expert Elite Tank


Scorching Skies

Map icon Track Name
Scorch8 Ocean View Seaside Skirmish
Scorch10 Egg Hangar Hangar Hustle

Twilight Engine

Map icon Track Name
Twisanc Sanctuary Falls Crumbling Chaos

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