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Quotation1 Chase down the tank and destroy it! Quotation2
— In-game description

Pursuit is one of the event types featured in the World Tour mode of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.



Sonic battling a Cadet Tank

In this game mode, the player has the goal to chase down a large tank and destroy it until its health bar is depleted. In order to destroy the tank, the player must use exclusive Rockets against the Tank while it plants bombs across the track. These bombs will damage the player if he/she runs into one, which will deplete his/her health.

Per every difficulty mode, the tank becomes stronger and plants more bombs, as seen below:

Medal Difficulty Type of Tank
Cclass Easy Cadet Tank
Bclass Medium Enforcer Tank
Aclass Hard Veteran Tank
Sclass Expert Elite Tank


Unlike most events, Pursuit only has two types of items scattered around the track, exclusive to the event.

Image Name Description
Heartpursiut Heart This items restores some of the player's lost health when obtained.
RockbefRocketallstar Ammo This item allows the player to aim and shoot the Tank. Each Ammo item collected contains 3 rockets which can all be shot at once or individually. Only a maximum of 9 rockets can be stored at a time.


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