The Purple orb[1] (パープルオーブ Pāpuruōbu?) is a gimmick that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Their function is to light up when interacted with, which can trigger various effects.


Purple orb1

The more Solid type of Purple orb

Purple orbs are, as their name implies, floating orbs glowing in a shade of purple. They come in two variants: one resembles a half-hardened ball of lava, and the other a solid energy orb.


Purple orbs are only encountered in Flame Core and during the battle with Iblis in Flame Core. They will light up when attacked by the player (or grabbed by Silver's Psychokinesis), which will result in different effects. In Flame Core, they will light up paths to make it easier to pass through. They can also unlock a door at a specific point after a certain number of them have been activated. The Purple orbs are also useful in the battle with Iblis, as they will draw him in with their glow so the player can attack him.

In Silver's case, when the player grabs a Purple orb with Psychokinesis, should the player use Levitate or otherwise release it, the Purple orb will be destroyed.


  • Silver never encounters the more solid Purple orbs in his version of Flame Core.
  • If the player uses a glitch to get back to the area of the solid Purple orbs after activating them, they will find that the area is completely lit. However, the orbs themselves are not illuminated.
    • If the player lights up all the Purple orbs again, the Purple orbs will vanish.


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