Quotation1.svg Once Wisps are captured by Dr. Eggman, they are converted into Nega-Wisps, like the Purple Wisps. These unfortunate Wisps are violent and are forced to carry out Dr. Eggman’s evil plans. Quotation2.svg
— Description of the Purple Wisp, Sonic Colors[1]

The Purple Wisp (パープルウィスプ Pāpuru U~isupu?) is a creature that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a type of Nega-Wisp that grants the Purple Frenzy Color Power.


Being a Nega-Wisp, the Purple Wisps have a more menacing look than the other Wisps. They have three tentacles that are wide near the middle and end in a jagged point, which stem from their heads, which split into two horn-like protrusions. They lack eyes, unlike normal Wisps, and have a wide, sharp fanged-like mouth in the style of a jack-o-lantern.

Game appearances

Sonic Colors

The Purple Wisps made their first appearance on both versions of Sonic Colors, though they only appear during cutscenes on the Nintendo DS version. Here, the Purple Wisps were originally normal Wisps, until they were captured by Dr. Eggman during Sonic Colors and siphoned dry of their Hyper-go-on in an attempt on the doctor's behalf to take over Earth with a Mind Control Ray. This process, however, mutated these unfortunate Wisps into the corrupted Purple Wisps, who were forced to carry out Eggman's evil plans. Near the end of Sonic Colors, however, all of the Purple Wisps were returned to normal by the remainder of the Wisp race with their own Hyper-go-on, who had been freed by Sonic the Hedgehog.

In gameplay on the Wii version of the game, the Purple Wisps appear as Wisp Capsule power-ups that enable the Purple Frenzy. The player encounters the Purple Wisps in all Areas, except for Terminal Velocity.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

In Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, the Purple Wisp makes an appearance during the Dream Event "Sonic's Figure Skating Spectacular". Here, a Purple Wisp is one of the Wisps that the four participating characters free from a Wisp Capsule as the player(s) proceed down the event's course. When the player then has to defeat the Rotatatron, the Purple Wisp will appear alongside several others Wisps and join up with the four characters to perform the Final Color Blaster, which deals the final blow on the Rotatatron.


Unlike normal Wisps, who have playful personalities, the Purple Wisps are rather violent.[1] However, they are not evil by nature and do not like Dr. Eggman like the rest of their race, despite serving him. As such, they were more willing to side with Sonic.

While the Purple Wisps are not fighters, they are nonetheless brave and very helpful towards their friends and allies.

Powers and abilities

The Purple Wisps are able to levitate in midair at will, which serves as their main method of transportation.

The Purple Wisps are able to generate and store their own unique variant of a powerful energy known as Hyper-go-on inside their own bodies, which is their life source. However, due to their mutation, the Purple Wisps' Hyper-go-on has been corrupted, resulting in a darker and negative version of their Hyper-go-on. It is unclear to what extent they can use their own Hyper-go-on.

The Purple Wisps are able to pass on a fraction of their Hyper-go by phasing into the recipient. When organic beings or robots receive their Hyper-go-on, they can transform into the Purple Frenzy which can eat anything in its path and grow larger from it.

Appearance in other media

Archie Comics

A Purple Wisp in the Archie Comics.

The Purple Wisps made a brief appearance in the Archie Comics' adaption of Sonic Colors, in Sonic the Hedgehog #219, where a Purple Wisp joined Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Yacker and some other Wisps, as Sonic ventured out to save its race from Eggman.


  • The Purple Wisp is the only Wisp that is not featured in Eggman's Sonic Simulator.
  • When using the Purple Wisp, there is a blur that appears along the sides of the screen.
  • Aside from Terminal Velocity, the Purple Wisp appears in at least one Act in every location in Sonic Colors. It shares this trait with the Cyan Wisp.


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