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Puppy Con

The central for Puppy Con.

Puppy Con is an event that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a Fuzzy Puppies fan convention that was held in the Village on Seaside Island.[1]


Puppy Con front

Puppy Con's hosting area.

Held in the Mayor's Mansion, Puppy Con is a central for all things Fuzzy Puppies. Crammed with Fuzzy Puppy merchandise, stands, game pieces, and posters, Fuzzy Puppies fans could here meet each other to showcase their figurine collections, trade playing pieces or play games together.[1]


TV series

Season one

When Puppy Con was held, Amy and Dr. Eggman (having managed a part-time friendship) attended while Team Sonic kept an eye on them. There, a rockslide seemingly caused by the Lightning Bolt Society threatened to crush the event. After Team Sonic stopped it, it was revealed Eggman was behind the rockslide and had framed the Lightning Bolts for it so he could steal a rare playing piece from Stratford in the chaos. Challenging Eggman to a game of Fuzzy Puppies however, Amy won back the playing piece.[1]


  • Puppy Con is based on the real-life Comic Con.


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